Timonin Interview

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– So, how are you doing? All good?
All great, thanks a lot!

– You’re based in Russia, right? How’s it going over there for you?
Yes, currently I live in Moscow. I’m very busy at the moment working on many exciting projects in different music genres. Barely find time to push my stuff.

– What was your first introduction to electronic music?
Depends on what should I treat as an introduction… I had some synths and drum machine when I was a teenager and I’ve been making little pieces of music, trying to record them on tape recorder. But it wasn’t good at all as I had no imagination and proper understanding of what I was doing. Later when I moved to Moscow my mate and upcoming producer Gennady Lagutin involved me in his current productions as a recording keyboard player for random artists. This is how I learned DAWs and then started making full tracks on my own.

– How has the scene in Russia changed since you first became involved then? Is it in a constant state of flux still?
Actually, I moved to London pretty soon since I got involved in music industry. There in the UK I got inspired of house music, hearing it in London nightclubs. In Russia I’ve been mostly making commercial stuff and never really been involved to underground house music. So when I got back I literally discovered the local house for the first time which was pretty much interesting.

Do you still get to go record shopping? Or are you a strictly digital man these days?
I’m a proper digital man!

– You mentioned London. How was that period for you musically?
That was the best time for me, as London is one of the capitals of world music where you can learn a lot and get much inspiration. I met loads of talented people like singers, producers dj’s and musicians there. Just in several weeks after moving there I started playing in west end clubs and almost completely switched to djing and electronic music production.

– What made you move home?
The reason is simple. My visa had run out and I had to leave the UK.

– Now, about NOPASSPORT, what’s your involvement like with them?
In general NOPASSPORT is a foundation of music producers and I’m the one of them. I produce couple of acts, some of them already established in Russia and abroad, some are gonna be introduced in near future.

– And what does the label stand for in your opinion?
NP is focused on quality music production and effective artist management.

– What have you learned about the music industry since you first became involved?
Honestly, I don’t try to learn about music industry, I simply love producing music. As a producer, of course I’ve got a lot of skills since my first experience at the studio.

– What sort of labels do you look up to these days for inspiration?
I pick up from very different labels, checking what’s new… So I can be inspired by a big tune by major label as well as the noname independent release same time.

– What’s your involvement in the scene outside of being a DJ and producer? Are you a full-time musician?
Being a professional piano and keyboard player I used to participate in loads of bands but now I’m fully concentrated on producing music as a member of NOPASSPORT.

– And you’ve just released My Heart is Breaking EP. Is there a story behind the release at all?
It’s an easy story. I was working on the music idea as usual and accidentally have stumbled upon acapella which somehow perfectly laid down on it. The most tough was to find balances as there are just few sounds in there. I had to use all my experience to find the ideal sound and eventually after one billion reworks it was sorted.

– Have you been following a lot of the guys on the release for a long time? How did the remixes come about?
It was pretty quick. Label mngt has sent it to DJ’s and Dave and Ivan were up to do remixes. Seems it went good.

– Why do you love house and techno so much then? Are you interested in other strands of music too?
I love producing and playing tech/house tracks and the way people take it in at clubs. But being a professional producer I’m keen to listen to anything, learning what’s new.

– And what else should we be looking out from you in the near future?
Apart from my usual Dj set I’m now working on my live show with some instruments added, which I gonna introduce this year.


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