TKNO, Sugar Lobby ”Circles”

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ORGA88 - TKNO, Sugar Lobby - Circles
Artist: TKNO, Sugar Lobby
Title: Circles
Label: !Organism
Release Date: 14 December, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #:
TKNO, Sugar Lobby – Circle X (Original Mix)
TKNO, Sugar Lobby – Circle XX (Original Mix)
TKNO, Sugar Lobby – Circle XX (Krenzlin Remix)

Unstoppable techno force !Organism has time to put out one more excellent EP this year, and it comes from TKNO and Belgrade’s Sugar Lobby with a fine remix from Krenzlin.

Sugar Lobby is a talented female techno maker who has been a key player in the underground scene in Belgrade and across Europe. She has a decade’s worth of experience of travelling to top clubs and festivals and her sound has plenty in common with labels like CLR, Ostgut and Token. Here she hooks up with vinyl collector and label boss TKNO who has picked up props from Riche Hawtin, has released on Tauten and Yin Yang and who has a dark and absorbing sound.

Their first effort ‘Circle X’ is a thrilling one indeed. With vast rubbery kicks rolling down below, you are immediately swept up. Sweeping pads, explosive claps and juddery percussive hits all add to the forceful sense of motion whilst a hypnotic synth line grows in stature to become the of focus of the track and thoroughly locks you in.

The equally brilliant ‘Circle XX’ is more heady and stripped back, with a cavernous techno chamber run through with sci-fi sounds, alien textures and icy percussion that all seep into and then frazzle your brain in fantastic fashion.

Germany’s Krenzlin, another esteemed techno talent, then remixes ‘Circle XX’ into a more energetic, textured and big room techno cut with stomping kicks, oversized and serrated synths and a great sense of urgency.

Once again here !Organism serve up some irresistible main room techno from some of Europe’s finest.



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