Artists: Crowdpleaser / Oktay
Title: Right Before You / Haunted
Label: Xtra Tamed Musiq
Remixers: Lo Shea, Headless Ghost
Cat. #: TMX002
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: December 9th 2013
A1 Crowdpleaser – Right Beside You
A2 Crowdpleaser – After Rhone (2013)
B1 Oktay – Haunted (Original Mix)
B2 Oktay – Haunted (Lo Shea Remix)
Digital Only Crowdpleaser – After Rhone (2013) (Headless Ghost’s Re-dub)

“I always like to release music from my country, i think we have a lot of talented producers and djs pretty underrated because we dont have a huge media exposure.

Crowdpleaser and Oktay have been close friends of mine for quite a while now. Both are brilliant in their own right, and I’m sure this will be another successful release.”



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