Tobia Coffa ‘Get Over It EP’

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Artist: Tobia Coffa
Title: Get Over It EP
Label: AMAM Records
Cat. #: amam024
Format: 12” / wav / mp3
Release Date: 16 September 2013
A1. Presence
A2. Perspective
B1. Detachment
B2. Detachment (Francys Remix)
Dx. Conscience

Milan-based Tobia Coffa, one of the AMAM roster’s most valuable players, is stepping on up with his next full EP, with the nonchalant title Get Over It. Whereas a lot DJ/producers nowadays love to share their parents’ musical history and the bass instrument they played in sixth grade, Tobia gets straight to the point in his short-but-sweet Facebook biography: “Living, eating and breathing music. Currently engaged in a serious relationship with his faithful bong.” And it’s clear that creating impeccable tracks is his focus, not tedious self-aggrandizing.

“Presence” is one of the more playful AMAM tunes heard this year, a low-swung strut paving the way for handmade keystrokes and jumpy acid accents—managing to be both “cool” and “hot” simultaneously. “Perspectives” has a similar skitterg swing, but with a more atmospheric build to cushion it in between the clouds.

Consider those two cuts the sunny-side up; flip this baby over and things take a darker turn. “Detachment” has a dark, menacing snarl to it, no less uppity or body-moving, but might might put an evil grin onto your face. Then, fellow Italian producer Francys—known for his work withBerlin labels Souvenir and AEON—stirs up its ingredients into a cauldron for a swirling, bubbling remix that increases the energy factor while retaining the original’s best elements. Finally, as a digital bonus, Tobia offers “Conscience”, a synthetic soul-seeking number with deep flourishes of optimism over a house beat. Get over it, get into it!


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