Tokyo Prose ‘Presence’

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downloadArtist: Tokyo Prose
Title: Presence
Label: Samurai Red Seal
Cat. #: SMGRSLP001CD
Release Date: 04.08.2014
Format: Vinyl, CD & Digital
Distributor: INGrooves & Republic Of Music
1. 16 Bar Cycles (with Christoph el Truento)
2. Won’t Let Me Go (with Lenzman & Fox)
3. Small Gains
4. Ventura
5. Kidman (with Zoë Klinck)
6. Common Ground (with Synkro)
7. Sunsets (with LSB & DRS)
8. Fragmented You (with Milton)
9. Covet
10. Waiting On (with Riya)
11. All Things
12. See Through Love
13. Dance with You

What begins as a random walk often ends up taking you somewhere, somewhere that you later realise was exactly where you wanted to go. Little decisions made invisibly every minute, and the cumulative effect, and the often unspoken principles that have guided them, define what appears to be, in retrospect, a conscious plan, with an emotional centre and compass.” David Byrne Since signing to Samurai Music, Sam Reed aka Tokyo Prose has released music across all 3 Samurai Music Group labels, as well as Hospital Records and Sun & Bass Recordings. Each one of these releases has been a musical stepping stone leading to this – his debut album ‘Presence’. ‘Presence’ marks the culmination of Sam’s musical exploration and evolution thus far, as well as the vision of Geoff Presha, head of Samurai Music, who signed Tokyo Prose (then a duo) on the strength of their promise and potential in 2008 after hearing the first Tokyo Prose demo’s. ‘Presence’ features dazzling solo works as well as a stellar ensemble of collaborative artists that includes Lenzman, Synkro, LSB, DRS, Riya, Fox & more. ‘Presence’ perfectly encapsulates the soulful, emotive vibrancy of the Tokyo Prose sound, now fully formed and refined. It is a sound that has captivated people across the globe since the ‘Introducing Tokyo Prose’ EP in 2011 and one that has left them clamouring for more with each release since. “Presence is when you’re no longer waiting for the next moment, believing that the next moment will be more fulfilling than this one.” – Eckhart Tolle Samurai Music Group is proud to release ‘Presence’ to the world, not simply as a showcase of Tokyo Prose or even NZ Drum & Bass, but rather as one of the finest examples of what Drum & Bass can be today.

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