Tom Hades ”Hypnotic Pride”

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Hypnotic Pride EPArtist: Tom Hades
Title: Hypnotic Pride
Label: Rhythm Converted
Release Date: September 2014
Cat #:
Tom Hades – Hypnotic Pride (Original Mix)
Tom Hades – Tubular (Original Mix)

Tom Hades returns to his own imprint with some new techno pounding tracks. As known from his famous podcasts in the Rhythm Converted Podcast Series, his boom boom works always very efficiently on the floors. Starting of the release with Hypnotic Pride the title does not hide what will happen: hypnotic sounds and sequences which take you on a journey full of small changing details to end up in 1 big break where the hypnosis seems to kick in even more.

On the flip side Tubular is an experimental track using multiple layered bell sounds which follow a specific melody which will also follow the hypnotic feel of the complete EP. Enjoy this new EP on the Rhythm Converted imprint! And don’t forget to chart and shout out to all your friends.


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