Tom Hades Interview

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– Hi Tom and welcome on Different Grooves, first of all thanks for your time!

Hello ! Thanks for having me !

– We can start from the beginning, how begins your interest on Electronic Music? What can you tell us about your musical influences.

Actually most of it started when listening to new wave and other electronic related music. I think a lot of my sound and influences are coming from that period whereas later on it started to evolve towards techno. And i guess clubbing all around the Belgian clubs at that day must have polished my personal taste to the real techno sound.

– You were born in a small city in Belgium called Tienen, can you briefly describe the electronic music scene of your country. And how was your reaction when you have realized that your career was establishing itself on the international scene.

Indeed, i was born in a city called Tienen which is actually known for producing sugar for around the world. Sometimes it is funny to see in a place on the globe a piece of sugar lying with the name of my own home town. The scene in our country was at that day really big. I guess a lot of people still remember the days of labels like R&S. This is probably also the reason why i started to get involved in bigger projects and where at a certain moment everything started to turn out to international gigs and recognition. Which i’m more then grateful for !

– Maybe the most important Belgian techno artist is Marco Bailey, your musical and business relationship with Marco seems really strong, how did this develop?

For sure Marco was and still is today THE most important export product Belgium every knew in terms of techno and tech-house. He still knows exactly what to spin on the right moments and his influences are going far beyond what i could ever image for. I have a lot of respect for him and his career and i hope that people respect Marco as a fighter for what he wants to accomplish. I have a strong friendly, musically and business-wise relationship with Marco over the last 15 years which started on a coincidence matter and which grew out to be the perfect match in the studio : technically versus musical knowledge. I have a lot to thank Marco for where I’m standing at this moment so, Marco, if you read this : THANK YOU !!

– You are in the EDM scene from many years and you are also running a successful label called ”Rhythm Converted”, can you describe the label’s family and also how did you handle the relationship with the new talents.

I’ve been in this scene since about 1992 so indeed, it has been a while if you think about it ! During the years of working together with Marco the idea aroused to start a label together to give new talents an opportunity to release some really good techno tracks. But because of Marco’s busy schedule and his own labels at that time i took over Rhythm Converted and continued on the same path we used to start with it. There has been a kind of pause time but the last 3-4 years it all started again and how ! Since then the weekly radio and internet podcast which is broadcasted over more then 170 radio stations worldwide, social media around the label, compilations, … are common business because if you want to go professional you have to do it all !

– Someone told me that you are working hard in the studio to release your new album….. can you give us any good infos or anticipations about it.

It should have been a secret but sometimes secrets are quicker around then just the normal day to day chit chat. My album is finished and i’ve been in contact with my master engineer to fine tune the last tracks so that the album is in coherence. If i have to say myself : i’m very happy with the result and it shows who i am and what i really love! So everyone who is interested, the album will be out on the 28th of October so keep your eye on that date !

– Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

In the studio my only real necessary tools are my MacPro, Ableton, my Dynaudio monitors and my ears. I used to have a lot of hardware gear but most of it got sold or is just sitting/laying/standing there. I got used to doing stuff on the road like creating ideas and arrangements and sounds which i can use later on in the studio. But nothing beats a decent sound system to listen and correct wrong stuff which might have sounded good on headphones but sound terrible on the Dynaudio’s !

– You have a pretty hectic touring schedule during this year! And now we’re in the summer time what do you expect from the hottest season of 2013?

Well i expect not more and not less then people enjoying nice weather, good drinks & food and some really nice techno tunes. I had a couple of really cool festivals and still some to come so i can not complain ! Being busy is my major occupation …

– Which are your future plans? There Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you want to tell us about?

Well actually the only forthcoming i really want to focus on is my album. I’m going to stop with releasing other stuff until that date and i guess it may be a turnover for myself in my career as well. Who knows what the future might bring !

– Many thanks for your words and time, it was a pleasure and i am sure our readers will appreciate the interview.

Thanks again for having me and to all readers : keep your eye on the 28th of October ! Thanks !! Ciao !!

Interview By Marco Pellegrini


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