Tom Hades ‘Saga’

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rc039Artist: Tom Hades
Title: Saga
Label: Rhythm Converted
Cat #: RC039
Release Date: 28/05/2012
Format: Digital
01 Tom Hades – Saga (Original Mix)
02 Tom Hades – Saga (Kim Stockblom Remix)
03 Tom Hades – Saga (Rich Jones Remix)

“Saga” is another testament to Tom Hades’ ever-evolving sound. Hitting hard with cavernous stabs and menacing hats, the original mix takes us through a sonar war complete with twisted effects and skipping drums.

Kim Stockblom strips things down a bit in the rhythm department, but shifts the perspective with industrial stabs, haunting vocals and futuristic synths.

Closing up with Rich Jones’ interpretation, we enter cyclic mode with a hypnotic groove consisting of sparse drums, persistent percussion and apocalyptic sweeps.


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