Tom Hades ‘Vocalismo’

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Artist: Tom Hades
Title: Vocalismo
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Label: Rhythm Converted
Cat. #: RC047
Release Date: 12 November 2012
01 Tom Hades – Vocalismo (Original Mix)
02 Tom Hades – Vocalismo (Kalden Bess Remix 1)
03 Tom Hades – Vocalismo (Kalden Bess Remix 2)
04 Tom Hades – Suspect Package (Original Mix)

Label boss Tom Hades unveils the monstrous “Vocalismo” and tears down the walls with tribal sensibilities working under driving stabs and mutated remains of a vocal sample.

The pure, classy vibe continues with Kalden Bess‘s first remix where exotic effects blend with spoken word manipulation while eerie synthetics nod to a post-apocalytpic soundscape. His second remix is an underwater excursion complete with sonar warfare and the juiciest of hi-hats taking control of the situation.

Tom finishes off the EP himself with “Suspect Package” and off-kilter chords setting the tone. Persistent stabs pierce the air and grooving synths that constantly evolve are elevated via the shuffling rhythm section.



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