gpm195Artist: Tomas Barfod feat. Nina Kinert
Title: Till We Die
Label: Get Physical
Remixers: LOPAZZ vs Forever Jung, Blond:ish, Andycap
Cat. #: GPM195
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 27th 2012

1. Till We Die (Original Mix)
2. Till We Die (LOPAZZ vs Forever Jung Remix)
3. Till We Die (Blond:ish Remix)
4. Till We Die (Andycap Remix)

Since the late 90’s Tomas Barfod has been on the lips of the techno, house and club scene. As a man of many talents, he has earned the respect of artists, labels and fans alike. His latest album, ‘Salton Sea’ (released via Friends Of Friends) featured ‘Till We Die feat. Nina Kinert‘, we sent it out to our friends and got some amazing remixes back!

Nina’s vocals haunt like ghosts in a machine, wrapped up with great bass lines and quirky percussion. Arps set an atmosphere of airy mist, while the beat picks up and moves us. This is the original mix, as heard on ‘Salton Sea’.

LOPAZZ and Forever Jung (aka Philipp Jung of M.A.N.D.Y.) work together to bring you their vision of ‘Till We Die’. The percussion relies on a hefty kick pumping the track along, while a dirty bassline bumbles through the set of bells and woodblocks. An innovative approach to an already stellar track.

We’ve got more from the fair-haired duo Blond:ish for you. Keeping true to their reputation for deep basslines and heavy atmospheres, the girls deliver excellence. Playing with the sounds, the girls create a cool burner that will set the dancefloor on fire.

Andycap takes the cold atmosphere of the original and strips it down to the bones to open his remix, then laying the groove on thick as he drops the beat. This is your afterhour, home-listening or midset chilled killer; a perfect conclusion to this amazing release.


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