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In this interview we had the occasion to have a chat with Tomi Chair a.k.a. Tominori Hosoya, a respectable dj and producer from Japan, label manager of TH Pressing.
It’s not the first time he catch our attention with his unique style, he appeared again on our radar with a forthcoming release on Mixx Records.

– Thanks for joining us! How are you doing?
Thank you for having me ! I’m good, just very busy, as my non-music related work gets the best of me. This year, however, I hope to have more time for music, as I am planning many things to come.

– What can you tell us about your musical background? Your style is very inspired by Detroit sounds.
Yes, I’m very much inspired by Detroit sound these days, but it wasn’t aleays like that. When I started making music in 2007, I listened to and played progressive house/deep house/techno. At that that time, Chymera (Ovum, Connaisseur) was my biggest inspiration and I still love his music to this day.

Then I got into making progressive house/techno for a while, as I signed with Ireland based Nice & Nasty. This is where Chymera had been releasing for over a decade, so I just went and sent them my demos. They release a lot of great artists like Orlando Voorn, Tr-One, Lerosa, Arne Weinberg, Matador Marco Bernardi so I am happy to be a part of their roster.

At the moment I would describe my style as deeply influenced by Japanese jazzy hip hop/mellow beats. I am very much inspired by warm and emotional essences like Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto Re:Plus etc….

– What do you mostly enjoy about the house and techno scene running in Tokyo?
At the moment, all of my activity consists of making music and working for my label – TH Pressing. Honestly, the house and techno scene in Tokyo may not be as popular as in the past. Therefore, me and my label do our best to put out high quality material and aim to become a good influence locally as well as on a more global level, as its ambassadors. It’s a very time consuming process though, still :)

“Life Goes On EP” will be published soon on Mixx Records, what can you tell us about the creative process behind it?
Initially, I set out to make an album last year, centered on the concept of my everyday memories. When I was working on it I changed my mind, so I talked to Tony(Mixx Records label boss) and we came up with the idea of this EP instead. It’s still based on some of my recollections, which is why it’s intitled “Life Goes On”.

– You’re part of “Different Grooves Fastmix” featured artists, what can you tell us about the mix you recorded for us and the ideas behind it?
At first I thought I’d showcase some stuff from my new EP, but as I set out, it managed to unfold into a story of its own . I always try to include great Japanese artists or more rare gems and combine them with newer releases.

– How’s going on the work with your label TH Pressings?
This year will be great for my label, thank you for asking :) In a few month, TH Pressing will release it second EP – “Wishes & Memories vol.1”.
When I first made the EP on TH Pressing for my late father, I was under the auspice of music and art dedicated to this dear person. I was influenced by all the good memories, which is why it has a very strong & positive energy. Then I decided to put the spotlight on some artists that really impressed me. These four artists – Anaxander (Local Talk, Poker Flat etc…), John Shima (Boe, Ferox etc…), Rai Scott (Inner Shift, Ornate etc…) and Rennie Foster (Subject Detroit, RF Trax etc…) were on the same page regarding the concept of my label, so they were kind enough to craft some special tracks for us. I’m so happy to release this special EP.
Also I’m working for the 3rd & 4th projects now. They follow in the same footsteps in terms of the concept and I’ve already got some wonderful tunes for them. Release date should be this year, I’ll keep you posted!

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects for the next season?
At the moment I can share with you following projects:

Tomi Chair – Teenage Mental Conflict/Stay With Me [Suspected Music]
Manuel Costela – Tentacles Of The Deep EP (inc. Tomi Chair remix) [Bucketround]
Tominori Hosoya – (TBC) [Minuendo Recordings]

In addition, I have some vinyl release projects as “Tominori Hosoya” & “Tomi Chair”.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you so much! Enjoy your life with good music.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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