rar0125Artist: Tomi Char
Title: Intersection & Paralellism
Label: Nice & Nasty
Remixer: Life Records, Klaina, Carlos Nilmmns
Cat. #: NAN0125
Format: Digital

1. Intersection & Paralellism (Life Recorder Remix)
2. Intersection & Paralellism (Klaina’s Fantasy Remix)
3. Intersection & Paralellism (Original Mix)
4. Green Water (Carlos Nilmmns Remix)

Tomi Chair returns to Nice & Nasty with a serious groove with a serious title. Intersection and Paralellism is a journey into Tomi’s love affair with melody and raw rhythm and is replete with remixes by Life Recorder and Klaina.

Life Recorder aka Kriss Kortz records for The Science Label and MinimalSoul recordings and is one of France’s production talent inspired and motivated by the classic Detroit techno and Chicago house sounds.
Tomi and label boss Desy Balmer have been a fan of Life Recorder for some time and are truly delighted to have Life Recorder remix for Nice & Nasty. Deep, pounding grooves laced with melody and soul. Judge for yourself but this is a class tune and a proper homage to motor city.

Klaina is also one half of Motor City Sounds with Trish Van Enyde. Together they are part of the wonderful Belgium underground techno scene that has been at the forefront of Euro techno and Europe’s love affair with Detroit. Klaina‘s fantasy mix is super hi-charged, hi-tech funk that will get asses shaking and dance floors jumping.
Tomi Chair has been slowly building his reputation and skill and Intersection and Parallelism is a superb and fitting follow up to his Green Water release on Dublin Xpress.

As a bonus we have included the highly rated Carlos Nilmmns remix of Green Water to this release.


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