Tomoko Hashoti ‘Dark Shadows’

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Artist: Tomoko Hashoti
Title: Dark Shadows
Cat. #: Monk-13003
Label: Monkey Business
Release Date: 18.06.2013

Straight, Tough, Rough, Clear but always the something special in it – that’s what we always state when we hear new tunes by our wild child Tomoko Hashoti. Finally he finished his first Album which is a finest collection of his recent work containing sixteen tracks. Let’s figure out some of our favorites: With Honor he respects his own addiction to straight minimalistic techno Sounds without any flourish elements. On Hoi he shows some of his asiatic influences: While hearing the track you can easily imagine a Parade goose- stepping on a square. Ey Way and funky green are some of his earlier works: Reduced to a minimum on sounds but an evident groove sneaks off to your ears. There’s nothing left to say for us than: Enjoy it!

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