phobiq058DArtist: Tomy DeClerque
Title: It’s Up To You / Z-Nasti
Label: Phobiq
Cat #: PHOBIQ058D
Release Date: 16/07/2012
Format: Digital
01 Tomy DeClerque – It’s Up To You (Original Mix)
02 Tomy DeClerque – Z-Nasti (Sam Paganini Remix)
03 Tomy DeClerque – Z-Nasti (Original Mix)
04 Tomy DeClerque – It’s Up To You (Axel Karakasis Remix)

Tommy DeClerque hammers it down with two tracks on Phobiq, unleashing some goods from the dark side.

“It’s Up To You” boasts a steamrolling rhythm section upon which subtle stabs and persistent hats lead the way. Followed closely by Sam Paganini’s version of “Z-Nasti”, we are treated to a more subliminal rendition, complete with shadowy effects and dubby sensibilities.

The original mix of “Z-Nasti” makes strong use of ghostly chords while sonars fire away over tightly programmed drums. Things close up with Axel Karakasis’ remix of “It’s Up To You” where he has transformed it into a percussion-led affair, made even more sinister with creepy sub bass.


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