Artist: Christian Smithchristian_smith_stranger_than_paradise
Title: Stranger Than Paradise
Label: Tronic
Format: Vinyl, CD, digital
Release Date: November 3rd 2014
01. Traction
02. The Urge (featuring Cevin Fisher)
03. Silencer
04. Who You Are
05. Motor
06. Mutate (with Wehbba)
07. Expansion
08. Step Into Your Center (featuring Arcturus Ra)
09. Surrender (with John Selway)
10. Matrix
Bonus Tracks:
Who You Are (Hypno Dub)
The Urge (Instrumental)
Surrender (Acid House Mix)

For the 20th years anniversary of Tronic Records, Christian Smith is going to release a new album called “Stranger Than Paradise”. Compared to “Omakase” – his previous album published in 2013 – these tracks sound more energic, solid and various in terms of composition elements.
As a warranty, Christian’s ethereal and timeless dancefloor oriented style is recognizable also in this opera.


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