Transistorhead ‘Nighthawks’

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mtl002Artists: Transistorhead
Title: Nighthawks
Label: More Than Less
Remixers: Soolee, Submerge
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MTL002
Release Date: 30th May, 2014
Distribution: DBH Distribution
01. Nighthawks
02. Nighthawks (Soolee Remix)
03. North Of The River
04. North Of The River (Submerge Remix)

Transistorhead is one of most valuable project in Techno music scene of South Korea. It is started in late 90s when is Techno music first appeared in Seoul, South Korea. Trough two full-length album Housology (2000), Interruption by interface (2011, Audiovisual live set) He shows rigid, extra-ordinary sound, indeed his name is easily founded every chapter of Korean techno music history.

More than Less is about to introduce Transistorhead to worldwide. Nighthawks and North of the river has delicate glitches and noises from full of experiment. Well-known techno producer Submerge from Chicago, and Soolee, label head of More than Less made great remixes with full scale of Techno beats.


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