Traxsource Launches New Site

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Renowned online music store Traxsource has launched a game-changing new version of their platform, with improved functionality and brand new features including Dropbox integration, responsive site design and a complete site rebrand.

“The new site kicks ass! Super clean and sharp. Loads quick and looks great on mobile. Love the direct to Dropbox feature, it makes my life easy on tour.” Todd Terry

“Looks great, very fast. Info easy access and quickness is what I look for when music comes up. It’s clean and very well organized, the next step u for Traxsource!!!! I’m in!!!” Louie Vega

Ever since it first launched back in 2004, Traxsource has been the home of authentically underground dance music. A unique electronic music store founded by Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy – whose involvement in the industry includes acclaimed projects like Soulsearcher and their legendary label Soulfuric – Traxsource remains the go-to platform for DJs and music fans who value their demonstrable passion for and deep knowledge about house music.

What sets Traxsource apart is their focus on quality and authenticity. From selling bespoke vinyl in the halcyon days of house to digital music to today’s tech-savvy audience, the Traxsource team has always delivered a platform for the finest labels and producers to promote their artistry: a company run by DJs, for DJs.

Already there are more than 26,000 labels, 380,000 artists and 3,000,000 tracks championed on Traxsource’s platform. Now with the launch on their new site, that platform has just been given a serious upgrade.

“We are extremely excited to bring you the all new Traxsource site. We have spent the last two years refining the functionality and perfecting the new layout to streamline and modernize your shopping experience, bringing full functionality on any device. We hope you agree that the new Traxsource is everything we always wanted it to be and now performs as well as the music we represent.”
Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy

The new site retains the heart and soul of Traxsource, with features like the Hype Chart, Essentials and Weekend Weapons all are still here, but alongside some serious upgrades.

Dropbox Integration For Downloads
Traxsource has deeply integrated the Dropbox API into the downloads process, making managing music on multiple devices simple and seamless. Favourite the Dropbox ‘saves’ folder to make purchases from any device automatically appear on your desktop. So whether you’re at home, on a plane or still in the club you can get your hands on those essential new tunes at the click of a button.

Responsive Site Design
Traxsource now has one site for all devices. Easily navigate Traxsource’s deepest features right on your iPhone, Android or tablet and find music even faster than before.

DJ Charts
A heavily requested update is the extra real estate dedicated to DJ Charts, you’ll now find these front and center and be able to listen to your favorite artists’ top-rated selections in seconds.

New & Improved ‘My Traxsource’ + Much More
The new Traxsource comes complete with a superb UI makeover for “My Traxsource” which provides improved access to Artists, Labels and Charts. Plus, there will be further enhancements to this area over the coming months.

Traxsource has built its deserved reputation through decades of industry knowledge and hard work on the front line of the scene. Its roots can be found in the very genesis of the house music movement and they continue to offer a unique platform for the truly underground artists, labels and producers to flourish. In a congested music business where you can buy everything except credibility, Traxsource stands as a beacon of integrity – rewarding quality and authenticity over hype and trends.

Traxsource’s new website is now live. Visit it at


Praise for Traxsource

“What [Brian and Marc] and have done with Traxsource deserves awards. They and only they have saved house music as I know it. When labels were confused about what genre they should put out, Traxsource stayed to true to the house music sound. They alone have saved house music! Producers like me appreciate everything they have done… thank you!” Sandy Rivera

“Just got to use the new site and it’s a huge improvement. Love the bolder design. It’s simpler and easy to use to find all that amazing house music.” Soul Clap

“Traxsource is my one-stop record shop and has been for many years when I switched from vinyl to digital. I absolutely love the new layout of the new site, not that I disliked the old one but this feels fresh to death. Big support from me for Traxsource!” Sam Divine

​”​We thoroughly enjoy the work and dedication from Traxsource on the new store front end. With a bigger banner section and updated search functionality alongside a multitude of other improvements, browsing the Weekend Weapons is something we look forward to even more than before​.”​ Nervous Records

“Traxsource understands the roots and origins of this thing called house music. I’ve been a supporter of Traxsource since day 1 and it has been a huge pleasure to watch them grow to what they have become today. They represent and understand the music genres properly which makes the shopping experience that much more enjoyable. And now with the new website it’s even more user friendly making navigation super easy and super user friendly. Hats off!!!” Harry Romero

“Traxsource is by far my favourite spot to dig for music, I love the way they’ve organised genres and the new site is definitely refreshing.” Enzo Siffredi

“I find myself searching for new music more often on my phone and this new site not only runs fast but also looks perfect on my screen.” Jesse Perez

“Love the new Traxsource. Aesthetically and editorially it is far more impactful for the modern DJ, improving on what was already a great site.” Simon Dunmore

“Congratulations, we were waiting ages for this update, we believe Traxsource has now the power to become number one portal of the industry.” Chus & Ceballos

“The new site looks great! Love the new dropbox sync function and also the new & bigger spaces for DJs charts etc. Also the bigger waveforms and track info is very useful and appealing. But what stand out for us is the new Dropbox integration, well done! BTW revised logo looks cool as well.” Supernova

“It’s always a challenge to upgrade a website – will it work, will it change peoples’ experience too much, or will it be welcomed positively by clients? In this case, Traxsource have come up trumps with a slick new site that labels and DJs love.” Mark Lawrence (AFEM)

“Traxsource’s newly enhanced design is clean, clear and efficient. Traxsource remains THE place for House Music online. Nice job folks!” Matthew Adell (Chief Digital Officer, Native Instruments)




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