Artists: Carl Nunes & Jake Shanahan feat. Shaun Frank
Title: We Are
Label: Trice Recordings
Cat. #: TRCR015
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 25th (Beatport Exclusive), March 11th all other
Distribution: Armada Music
1. We Are (Dub Mix)
2. We Are (Original Mix)
3. We Are (Radio Edit)

Three international top artists came together to record the vocal masterpiece We  Are out on Trice Recordings / Armada Music February 25th. We Are is the brainchild of Jake Shanahan (NYC), Carl Nunes (Guatamala) and Shaun Frank (Toronto) and comes with a wonderful music video which was shot in New York City.

As Shanahan and Nunes were working on the track together, they thought it would be a great idea to add some killer vocals. Not much later, Shaun Frank (lead vocalist of The Envy) was added to the team to provide the vocals and the rest is history.

Shaun Frank: “I really love the chords that Carl and Jake chose for this song. When I started writing the vocals, everything I was coming up with really reminded me of a lot of the Punk Rock music I grew up listening to. So rather than fight it, I decided to write a punk rock vocal for this track. It’s about Unity, and us all being in this world together, fighting the same battles, dealing with the same heartbreaks, and sometimes sharing the same victories.”

The vocals were recorded at The Stable in Toronto, Canada. The concept of the song & music video, expresses the thought of unity – “We Are All The Same.” The video explains how people come together and how everyone is out to accomplish a goal to make a living. We Are is already getting early support from DJ’s like Disfunktion: “Huge song, will put in our shows!” Jordy Dazz, Thomas Gold: “Nice Guys!” Dankann: “Massive Track!” and W&W.

All three musicians come from quite different backgrounds. Jake Shanahan is a NYC transplant and among the most dedicated people in today’s industry. Always working hard to brush up his producing skills.

Jake Shanahan: “I am passionate about this music business not only for the success, but for the satisfaction of putting a smile on a fan’s face after they hear my song. It was sometimes hard living at my parents house when I was younger, because of my loud music and still trying to be respectful; yet, now my parents are starting to see my passion and drive behind this, and finally understanding the career I want. This is my passion and I will fight and push everything I have as an artist to make my dream a reality.”

Shanahan has many projects coming up in 2013, starting with a major remix for Tiesto’s imprint, Musical Freedom. Also there’s a collaboration with KURA coming out on Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings.


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