Tripeo “Anipintiros Reworks Part I”

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Artist: TripeoTRILPRMX1 Artwork
Title: Anipintiros Reworks Part I
Label: Tripeo
Remixers: James Ruskin, Exium, Mike Parker
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: January 26th 2015
Distribution: N.E.W.S.
A1. Anipintiros #6 (James Ruskin Remix)
B1. Anipintiros #5 + #8 (Exium Mash Up Remix)
B2. Anipintiros #7 (Mike Parker Remix)

The album “Anipintiros”, created by Darko Esser a.k.a. Tripeo, sees its following with some reworks, in this first part James Ruskin, Exium and Mike Parker have produced these essential techno tracks.
Using a restricted number of sound elements they have been able to create a nice feeling without loosing the vibe from the original pieces.


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