Tripeo “Anipintiros Reworks Part 2”

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Artist: TripeoTRILPRMX2
Title: Anipintiros Reworks Part 2
Label: Tripeo
Remixers: Blawan, Ben Sims, Cadans
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: January 26th 2015
Distribution: N.E.W.S.
A1. Anipintiros #7 (Blawan Remix)
B1. Anipintiros #5 (Ben Sims Remix)
B2. Anipintiros #7 (Cadans Remix)

The second part of “Anipintiros Reworks” is definitely a fascinating and blasting release, very dancefloor oriented and with a energetic style.
Blawan, Ben Sims, Cadans with their reinterpretations give movement and freshness to the whole sound. Dope!


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