Tripmastaz Interview

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Hello Tripmastaz and welcome to Different Grooves
Hey hey, what’s up guys.

Did you start before with music production or DJing? What’s the more difficult of those two?
Pretty much I‘ve started with both. I was so into music as a kid – I’ve wanted to dug as deep as possible, so I’m into both always. For me there is a natural balance between DJing and producing, 2 sides of 1 coin.

DJ Sneak is probably one of the most important figure in your professional life: tell us your business relationship and friendship.
Yes, Sneak has been supportive since the 1st time we met and he’s a friend and a beatz junkie like myself, real fan of the music. So we are exchanging ideas, constantly sending each other tracks we are working on at the moment. Look out for Sneak’s EP on my label Plant 74 early 2014.

You already get a good catalogue in your back, with releases on Be As One, Cecille, Minus: which releases are the most important?
Every release marks certain stage of your life, so every each one is important. Each one is the next step.

You are also running a nice remix serie: you prefer wok on your own production,or “restyle” something from other artists?
I like to do both. For me it is important to create my own music plus I have the ability to vibe with other people’s music and take it to the different level remixing.

Tell us something about your birth country, Russia: how is the clubbing scene over there?
I think it’s getting a bit better for the past couple of years. But still there’s not enough proper underground clubs, producers and promoters. As far as my position I’m proud to be involved with 2 biggest club project from St.Petersburg (Special Case Event) and Gipsy (Moscow).

You are ready to be part of Different Grooves On Air catalogue: would you tell our readers and listeners what they are ready to hear from your podcast?
They can hear what I’ve been representing for years: new and old underground stuff, unreleased edits of cool funky tracks, real deal beatz and grooves and the mixture between house and techno and hip hop. Entertaining and head bobbing ☺. And it’s been recorded live at Zurich’s Supermarket club last Saturday.

Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
Yes I have my next I’m A House Gangster EP out on Jan. 4th, with me on the beats and DJ Sneak on da mic spittin some game. Next one is EP for my Moscow friends – Gipsy Music – they are starting off the label with my release incl. remixes by Matt Tolfrey and Djebali. And a bunch of remixes of course☺ More gigs and new releases on my label Plant 74. Plus hopefully I’m starting my vinyl only ltd label for some of my works. I’m sitting on too many good unreleased beats.

Thanks for your time, was a pleasure to spent it with you!
Take care and see y’all soon. Ciao.

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