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Tripswitch (the musical alias of Nick Brennan) has been a key DJ/Producer within the global electronic music scene for over 15 years now, originally gaining a strong reputation with his exceptional ambient and downtempo productions and building a worldwide fanbase. Emotionally charged, highly atmospheric productions fill the release catalogue of his Section Records label, where artists including Koan, Seamless, and Audioglider (don’t miss his new ‘Subaquamarine’ LP) release their critically acclaimed music alongside Tripswitch.

In 2016, Tripswitch has taken his music a new direction, using his experience and talent to create the next chapter of his story, producing ‘Vagabond’, an album of deep, melodic, and progressive house released in May on Denmark’s Iboga Records. This bold, new direction is proving to be a successful adventure, on the world’s best dancefloors and across the airwaves on key radio shows around the globe.

Tripswitch is set to tour the world bringing his unique blend of chillout and dancefloor grooves to fans everywhere, and his recent ‘Artist of the Week’ feature on FRISKY is one of the most listened to shows of the year:

Now, as the story continues to unfold, he launches his own monthly 2hr ‘HARMONICS’ Radio Show every 3rd Friday of the month and available to listen on demand @ FRISKY DEEP. Tune in if you can! You can listen at your leisure here:

And already, less than a week after the show’s premiere broadcast ‘HARMONICS’ is No.4 in the Frisky ‘Top 10 Of The Week’

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