Artist: Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio
Title: Left Side/Push On
Label: Tic Tac Toe Records
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Cat. #: TTT033
Release Date: May 13th, 2013 (Vinyl), June 3rd, 2013 (Digital)
Distribution: Prime Direct Distribution
A1  Left Side (Oliver Deutschmann’s Deepashell Remix – vinyl only)
A2  Left Side
B1 Push On
B2  Push On (Patrick Bateman’s Pushing On Mix)
X  Left Side (Oliver Deutschmann’s SpeedO Remix – digital only)

For their next EP, Tic Tac Toe turn to the pairing of US techno producer Billy Johnston and Apparel Music Limited boss Gennaro Mastrantonio, a duo who have done great work together before on Black Nation and are soon to release on Nicole Moudaber’s new label. Remixes come from Panorama Bar resident Oliver Deutschmann and label boss Patrick Bateman, with subtle and restrained deep house-cum-techno explored across all cuts.

Known for being one of the hardest working in the game, Vidab and Falkplatz owner Deutschmann’s vinyl only remix of ‘Left Side’ is a deep and moody house cut with warm ambient synths, delicate hi hats and a rubbery texture that invites you to disappear into a reverie. In original form, the track is a much more upright and driving piece of smooth techno. The rhythm rolls up and down while grainy smears peel off the sides and celestial patterns add a cosmic energy to the whole thing.

The pair’s other contribution ‘Push On’ is more stripped back and headsdown, with only a sparse snare drum rattling every so often above a coiled bed of beats and dusty hi hats. Warm synth stabs add surges of energy and a sparring use of a female cry is the icing on the cake of this tasteful bomb. Patrick Bateman turns in a more tripped out remix that’s built on huge pools of swirling echo. They suspend you in the ether as itchy hats and tumbling drum fills gentle propel you forwards.

It’s deliciously deep stuff that – for digital purchasers – comes with Oliver Deutschmann’s quicker, classically inclined techno remix of ‘Left Side’, which already proved it’s worth on the Panoramabar dancefloor several times!



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