Twice G and Booz ‘Backlash’

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LR037Artist: Twice G and Booz
Title: Backlash
Remixer: Stanny Franssen, Ortin Cam
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR037
Release Date: 29.12.2014
“Backlash” (Original)
“Backlash” (Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam remix

Loose Records proudly welcomes Twice G and Booz with the release of their collaborative tracks “Backlash” and “Mitte.” The release is also accompanied by a remix by Ortin Cam and Stanny Franssen of “Backlash,” which only builds on this explosive premiere. Booz brings his uncanny ability to paint a wide picture of what techno can do by merging deep techno with funk tunes. His unique approach has garnered much success, with this year ‘s “Good One Ep” on Naked Lunch attaining 14th place on Beatport’s Top 100 Hardtechno. Twice G, a techno project by Giovanni Sorbo and Giovanni Carozza, serves up a sound inspired by dark-industrial music, drawing influences from artists such as Dave Clarke, The Advent, Len Faki, and Adam Beyer. Together, Booz and Twice G bring an innovative method to production that is sure to continue expanding genres and deliver even more hits.

Twice G, Booz “Backlash” (Original) – The duo displays his neapolitan underground roots here with “Backlash,” the kind of track that brings the real meat of a good set while exploring the space of whatever venue, large or small, can contain its thoroughly danceable power beats. After a heartbeat-inspired introduction, an undercurrent of high hats and thumping effects charge forward, taking us along to a crescendo that finds new depths to pound through. The song never loses the focus of a true heavy hitter, taking a graceful outro on the same pulsing notes that wowed from the beginning.

“Backlash” (Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam remix) – This remix to “Backlash” adds a playful approach to its industrial-sounding source material, upping the tempo and exploring creative twists that add some unique arrows to the quiver here. Psychedelic bouncing effects bring complexity to the quickened beat, wavering like sheets of steel to reflect back new levels explored by the song. The new perspective pushes into some exciting and unexpected areas, all without losing any that fast-paced beat that is guaranteed to get feet and hips moving.

Twice G, Booz “Mitte” – The artist shows his versatility here with deep grooves and washes of sound that start out from the get-go on this track. The song slides across a landscape that opens up trance-inspired terrain, which then proceeds to reach dancefloor speeds. The track opens layers of dreamy backgrounds and rising sound effects that are both beautiful and upbeat, while still staying true to a hypnotic beat. The techniques on display here are always inventive, transporting listeners along a journey that swirls and searches for new terrain to master.


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