Underground System ‘Bella Ciao’

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a1292266485_10Artist: Underground System
Title: Bella Ciao
Remixer: Leo Mas & Fabrice Remixes
Label: Hell Yeah Recordings
Release Date: 01 Sep 2015
Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice Vocal Remix)
Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice Dub Remix)
Bella Ciao (Laguna Mix by Gigi Masin & Leo Mas & Fabrice)
Bella Ciao (Leo Mas & Fabrice On Air Remix)

Hell Yeah, this time in collaboration with DJ Ralf’s Laterra Recordings, is a label you can always rely on to come up with some interesting musical projects, and that is exactly the case here: the Italian outlet’s next releases are four “balearic” tinged remixes of a popular Italian chant, Bella Ciao, by Brooklyn troupe Underground System released on a 12” and a 10” vinyl, remixes come from Leo Mas & Fabrice and Gigi Masin, and stunning artwork by Andrea Amducci inspired by Guttuso’s “Funerale di Togliatti.”

This new project came about after Leo Mas played the afro-beat original cover on his Boiler Room set in Ibiza and made it a bonafide balearic nu-classic, legend Alfredo loved it so much he requested a copy, which lead the label to get official rights for its release.

Originally, Bella Ciao is actually a partisan Italian song created during the cicvil war that is a hymn of freedom and resistance. Here it is flipped into two tantalisingly feel good disco anthems by Leo Mas & Fabrice, one with vocals and one all dubbed out.

Leo Mas is a true legend, who was there at the start of the Ibiza revolution in the 80s. He played at Amnesia with Alfredo and since has pioneered a house and balearic sound on many different labels. Fabrice is another Italian with long standing disco roots who, along with Leo and Andrea Gemolotto, was part of *La Magica Triade *and now releases/remixes on labels like Is It Balearic?, Golf Channel, Music For Dreams

The vocal version is full of gentle tumbling toms, cute guitar riffs and rolling bass. The exquisite vocal chants up top add plenty of joyous vibes to the already summery beats and then it just rolls and rolls, making you shake your behind and swing your hips as it goes. The dub version is deeper and more low slung, with more emphasis on the drums and the elastic, lazy grooves.

As well as this 12” version, a 10” version will also come with a Laguna Mix by Italian ambient master Gigi Masin. Gigi has worked on this label with Tempelhof, has made albums as Gaussian Curve (with Young Marco and Johnny Nash) and has worked on many great modern classical albums. His version is super slow, littered with emotive piano chords and breezy ambient atmospheres that make it perfect for sunsets.

Also on this 10”, Leo and Fabrice combine once more for an On Air Remix that is invitingly sparse and gentle sways to and fro with gorgeous trumpets, twinkling keys and a slowly, blissfully building sense of Balearic tension.

let us know your thoughts, spread the news and get in touch if you want to get Leo tell you more about the project.


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