Underlord – 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi and welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. What can you tell us about the creating process of “U Crazy Fu*k EP”?

“U Crazy Fu*k” was definitely one of my harder tunes to produce, I produced so many versions of it, probably around 8 mixes and was just not happy with any of them, so it got parked for a few months and I moved on.
I had totally forgotten about it for ages and came across it again and thought this could be really good if I could get it to sound how I wanted. So once I got the acid melodies in there and an enormous fat sub bassline, it just fell together. I managed to get Fat Boy Slim to listen it (that’s a long story) and was blown away by his reaction “”YEAH, BABY! HURT ME! Haven’t heard anything this chemical for ages….” I also had an email from Claude Von Stroke saying he was spinning it. The deputy Editor from DJ Mag also called it a “Big room techno Beast”

2. You are based in London. What’s your overall impression of the musical scene in the city?
The music scene in London is all run by the same promoters booking the same DJ’s to play the same music.
I personally think its really boring for the punter. I don’t know of one promoter that actually has any balls as they are all still playing it super safe. It stems from the recession when promoters still needed to make money, so they just book who ever is doing well in the Beatport charts, not actually knowing that most labels pay to buy their own tracks on Beatport. Promoters are too obsessed with how many likes a artist has vs is the artist good. Historically London has been one of the major places the rest of the world looks at to spot new trends and cool music.
But some of the best new artists doing the newest sound, just get ignored and are releasing overseas. Its really sad and makes it really difficult for artists who wanna do something new to get a chance to shine. That’s one of the reasons I started my label, Exploding Chicken. I’m signing new artists purely on the music they make, if its great, they get signed, I couldn’t care less if they have 6 likes or 600,000. Only the music counts.

3. Who are the artists that mostly influenced you during the years?
Marc Romboy, Blake Baxter, Jay Lumen, Umek, Carl Cox & Wehbba.

4. When and why did you create Exploding Chicken Records?
Apart from what I mentioned in the above question about signing great music. I also couldn’t find any labels producing the tracks I wanted for my Bestival set, so I decided to produce my own. I then started getting insane reactions & support from Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Eats Everything, Fat Boy Slim and then DJ Mag picked it up.
No other label was producing anything like my sound, so it made perfect sense to start my own label.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
I will releasing a 4 track EP on a new American label run by Carl Cox’s PR agent and a Grammy judge, so that’s exciting. Apart from that I have a new release penned on Exploding Chicken every 6 weeks all year. I produce a shed load of tunes each week so keep an eye on my site www.underlord.uk & Beatport as I will be hitting the 100th release before xmas this year..

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
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