Undo ‘Motas de Polvo remixed Vol. 2’

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Artist: Undo
Title: Motas de Polvo remixed Vol. 2
Remixer: Fairmont, We Are Happy Here & Maurice Aymard
Format: Digital
Label: Factor City
Cat. #:FC037
Release Date: December 10th, 2012
Distribution: Beatport
1. Motas de Polvo (Fairmont remix)
2. Motas de Polvo
3. Whispers (We Are Happy Here remix)
4. Whispers
5. El Crit (Maurice Aymard remix)
6. El Crit

We are happy to present the second and last ep with remixes from the great sophomore Undo album „Motas de Polvo”. This time remixed by the likes of Fairmont, We Are Happy Here and Maurice Aymard. Fairmont’s remix of „Motas de Polvo”is a clear prove of his class at the controls. He delivers an epic remix giving more energy, new beats and melodies but respecting a lot the original. We Are Happy Here are Nhar and Jennifer Cardini. His remix of “Whispers” is deep, warm and sexy. Including Jennifer’s vocals, dark beats and subtle percussions. Maurice Aymard is the man behing Galaktika and Apersonal labels. His remix of “El Crit” gives a house feel that fits really well to the original. Thanks for listening!


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