Magit Cacoon “Love Express”

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Artist: Magit CacoonUY091_label
Title: Love Express
Label: Upon.You
Remixers: Re.You, Ambivalent
Cat: UY091
Formats: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: March 30th 2015
A1. Love Express
A2. Love Express (Re.You Remix)
B1. No Compromise
B2. No Compromise (Ambivalent Remix)

The release published in late March on Upon.You records awards her, the Tel Aviv born Magit Cacoon, acknowledging her skills as producer.
If the original mixes are focussed into loopy and trippy techno (Love Express), or into tech house (No Compromise), the remixers invert the main theme styles.
Re.You maintains a loopy track array, adding his singular kind of drums which define his style successful and pleasant. Ambivalent edits a little bit the rhythm structures of “No Compromise” with a techno vision, creating an interesting late night feeling.


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