Hi guys, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. When did you meet and when your collaboration started?
It’s actually funny, I’ve seen Lee play in clubs before and really liked his selections and the vibe he created so I knew who he was, but one time I was playing in Zurich and stayed for some extra days at a friends house and we decided to go out and have so fun, so we went to Hive. He was playing there and I went up to him to say hello and we had a nice chat, but that was it. A couple of months later he came to play in Malta and my manager back then knew Lee as they worked together at Cadenza so we met again and started talking and one thing led to another and the next days we started making music.

2. Can we say that Leena Music and Mobilee make a fundamental role of your meeting?
It was mainly Lee’s decision to go for Mobilee as he’s a very good friends of Anja’s and he worked together with them before. Obviously when I heard that they loved the tracks I was really ecstatic and things flowed from that point onwards. In reality we had aimed for the label as soon as we started working together, finding the right sounds Anja and Ralf would love to play, and fortunately that’s what happened. Both releases are a big part of what’s going on now but I’m sure this is just the starting point.

3. Musically talking what attracts you most from each other?
I really like his wide spread of experience and he practically has done it all. From working with the smallest artists to the biggest in the industry right now. I feel very lucky to be able to work with him and what’s best is that the music we are doing is speaking for itself.

4. “Function Is Tension” is going to be released on Intacto Records. What can you tell us about the style of the tracks and the label choice?
With regards to the label Lee again had the connections with Shinedoe, so we decided to show her some stuff as we knew it’s quite a strong and respected label out there. She loved the tracks immediately so we were very happy to be on the label. The tracks are a bit different and more techno then the Mobilee ones that’s why we decided to go with Intacto.
I was never really a full techno guy but me and Lee wanted to go out of our comfort zone to do something exciting and different which people would enjoy playing and listening to at the same time.
We never really new what type of reaction we were gonna get. I really think we did a great job after we saw the feedback from other Djs and the people when they listened to the Ep.
There is also one track called “Calamity John” which is like the groovy more melodic track, so there’s still some type of our previous sounds in the end.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
Yeah I’m really excited to release our tracks on my own label Dazed & Confused records which has been mostly a platform for myself and my friends for the last year. I am looking forward to develop it further as it has been getting some really big support already and having something of your own that you see getting bigger and bigger is always exciting and makes you go even further. We are still deciding on the Ep length coz we have so much stuff we love we would like to put everything out immediately, but in the next weeks I’m sure there will be more info soon.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you for having us it has been a pleasure and we are really excited to see what’s coming next :)

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