Various ‘7 Years Hive’

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Artist: Various
Title: 7 Years Hive
Label: Hive Audio
Cat. #: HIVEAUDIO013
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 5th 2013
1. Animal Trainer – Drop In
2. Daniel Dexter – Learn To Fly
3. Deneha – Aldebaran
4. Monkey Safari feat. Mykel Anthony – Grow
5. Joyce Muniz – Dope Selector!
6. Madmotormiquel & Sebo – In Every
7. Manuel Moreno – Under Your Skin
8. Niconé & Sascha Braemer feat. MLND – Eyes
9. Smash TV & Kiki – Sunkissed
10. Wildkats & Tboy – Whateva
11. Zombie Disco Squad – Ghetto

Zurich may be better known for its financial affiliations, but as far as clubbing goes, few institutions are held in much higher regard than Hive Club. Located in the heart of the city’s party district—the former Industrial Quarter—for the last seven years Hive has turned trend spotting into a proven and successful music policy; consistently delivering line-ups bristling with hot international names and rising local talents.

To celebrate seven years at the top, Hive Audio presents ‘7 Years Hive’—the third compilation to come out on the club’s fledgling music imprint, dedicated to exposing Hive resident artists and friends to the wider world. Once again club and label honchos Adrian Wollhaf and Samuel Gmur—collectively known as Animal Trainer—have curated the unmixed compilation, cherry picking more modern house gems that have served as plat du jour over the last year.

Animal Trainer themselves open ‘7 Years Hive’ with one of their signature vocal edits, “Drop In”, before handing over the reins to the first of the comp’s Berlin inclusions: the hard-edged and yet soulful “Learn to Fly” from Poker Flat’s Daniel Dexter. Next up, Swiss artist Deneha follows up a recent Hive debut, “Modulated” off the ‘Awakenings EP’, with more heady deep house “Aldebaran” before Monkey Safari—the fun-lovin’ brothers from Halle, near Leipzig in Germany—show off their sensual side with “Grow”, a bass-friendly floor ballad made all the more poignant by the satin crooning of Mykel Anthony.

Brazilian femme fatale Joyce Muniz toughens things up on “Dope Selector!”—kicking off the comp’s tech house innards with offerings from Berlin duo Madmotormiquel & Sebo “In Every” and Swiss up-and-comer Manuel Moreno “Under Your Skin”. Things then sink down to the sounds of the afterhour, courtesy of Berlin stalwarts Niconé & Sascha Braemer—BAR25 and Stil Vor Talent regulars—here teaming up with MLND to present the sultry, low-slung ultra-sexy “Eyes”. This is followed by “Sunkissed”, completing the Berlin soundtrack with a collaboration from two of the city’s electronic veterans: Smash TV and BPitch’s Kiki.

‘7 Years Hive’ concludes with two smouldering records lifted straight from the UK’s underground melting pot. First up: “Whateva” from the Jamie Jones and Lee Foss-backed production team consisting of trio WiLDKATS and Italian-born Tboy. Then there’s the glitchy and irresistibly catchy “Ghetto” on the close, coming in from Made To Play’s own Zombi Disco Squad. If Zurich’s blooming nightlife is all but a rumour to you, well, here is the proof.


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