Various ‘Animal Behavior Vol.2’

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Artist: Various
Title: Animal Behavior Vol.2
Label: Riff Raff
Cat. #: RIFFRAFF012
ReleaseDate: 28-01-2013

  1. Dance Spirit – Endless Calm
  2. Justin Baulé & Spacebyrdz – For My People
  3. Darius Aleksandar – Let It Roll
  4. Tele vs. Dan Diamond – Testpress Therapy
  5. Joe Bickle – Here’s Your Cold Weather Dance Music

Las Vegas, Nevada based imprint Riff Raff bring you the ‘Animal Behavior Comp Vol.2 this January comprising five original cuts of bass-­‐heavy deep house.

The Riff Raff imprint was launched by production duo, Spacebyrdz, who are based out of Vegas and Android Cartel, based out of L.A. The combination of these three producers has brought around a unique musical stamp for the label, with tripped-­‐out, dub-­‐house tracks from the likes of Jay Tripwire and Cari Golden found in the back catalogue.

Dance Spirit’s ‘Endless Calm’ opens the release here, The U.S based production outfit bring the heat with weighty shuffling drums, a blossoming arp-­‐line and moody ethereal pads bringing a profound depth to the track, with an ever-­‐evolving progressive feel to the structure. Next up is Justin Baulé & Spacebyrdz’ ‘For My People’, a low-­‐slung house cut with a bumping tom-­‐driven bass-­‐line leading the track. The trio brilliantly play on the percussive elements with subtle percussive rolls hidden in background depths and a variety of vocal chops keeping things bubbling away, the result is stylish house music on a San-­‐Fran, Dirty Bird tip.

Darius Aleksandar’s ‘Let It Roll’ follows, picking up the pace slightly with a grittier, raw feel. A heady sub bass edges the groove along while a warbling electronic synth hook meanders around it, Aleksandar displays his proficient production abilities here, smoothly manipulating vocal cuts, filter, and delay automation to create a chaotic movement throughout the records restrained, evolving structure. ‘Testpress Therapy’ by Tele vs. Dan Diamond comes next, a dark, dub-­‐house track with low-­‐pitched vocal murmurs, moody, tape-­‐delayed Rhodes stabs and punchy drums, simplicity is key here with the duo creeping in additional elements subtly, the result is a smooth, slow-­‐blooming house track.

Joe Buckle’s ‘Here’s Your Cold Weather Dance Music’ closes the compilation, a late night, synth-­‐heavy workout, seemingly taking inspiration from 80’s electro and disco with its shuffling 707 drums, intense low-­‐ end bass tones, retro arpeggiated synths and soulful vocal chops.


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