et26_resizedArtist: Various Artists
Title: Liquid Garden Chapter 2
Label: Eintakt
Cat. #: ET26
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: July 17th 2012
Distribution: Diamonds & Pearls


A1 Reynold – Bring It On
A2 Einklang freier Frequenzen – Uphill
AA1 Bekeschus – Sunstream
AA2 The Marx Trukker – A Fool For free

(Digital Only)

Chris Air – Distant Drums
Denis Yashin – Don´t Try
Dublicator – Exclusive Phase
Gunnar Hemmerling & T. Borg – Soundnsoundn
Hellmond & Schaeffler – 7 ft Wasp
MRI & Davidovitch – Introjack
Quantec – Selections
Rico Casazza – Plan B

After a successful release period of Eintakt’s 10 years anniversary, the label appears with the 2nd part of the Liquid Garden series. Eintakt´s new compilation “Liquid Garden Chapter 2” makes this summer to a lithesome incidence.
Extraordinary airy and deep sound combined with dub tech elements, a congenial batty mix of distinct styles. Bekeschus, Einklang Freier Frequenzen, Reynold and The Marx Trukker contribute their brilliant acoustic artwork to this team-playing vinyl.
A very special attention must be given to the cover artwork, an enormous combination of graphic and sound design. After building up a trigger for a kick drum and installing a special camera, our graphic designer Astrid Höffling shot a mass of abstract forms, that show the colourful exercise of the frequencies while running out of a speaker – a liquid movement of sounds.
The musical range covers it all: from a bright hymn by Bekeschus to some chunky dubtechno by Einklang Freier Frequenzen and then all the way back with some uplifting moments for the deeper floors by Reynold and multiple melodic house music sketches by The Marx Trukker.
All artists present their creativity at full volume ranging from outstanding soundscapes to visual sensations, making “Liquid Garden” a total work of art.

Listen and feel good


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