cover B4.360
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Organic Elements Pt.II
Label: Subosc LTD
Release Date: April, 2017
Format: Vinyl
Cat #: SBCV004
01. Kessell – Nucleon Resonances (Original Mix)
02. Hiroaki Iizuka – Frost (Original Mix)
03. Drafted – Elliptical Storm (Original Mix)
04. Ben – Buitendijk – Framework (Original Mix)

Subosc is back with the second chapter of the “Organic Elements” series dedicated to Techno music characterized by refined ambient aesthetics.

The EP includes contributions from Kessell (Polegroup, Granulart), Hiroaki Iizuka (known for his works on Coda Records, Nheoma and his appereance on Tresor), Drafted (Soma, Balans, MMaudio) and Ben Buitendijk (Field Records, Oblique, Mosaic).

Although the tracks are clearly aimed for the dancefloor, they are also perfect for intimate listening, since the modeling approach used considers a balance between the sharpness and effectiveness of traditional techno elements with the mellowness of dreamy textures, pads and atmospheres.

Inspiring, mind wandering, intense and analog souding are the most suitable adjectives to descrive these compositions, in which the mixture of influences from four minds blends in a unique outcome.

A must have for all the collectors and lovers of modern techno with a soul attitude.

Vinyl only release with a limited pressing!


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