Artists: Various
Title: Bosconi Stallions – Teona
Label: Bosconi Records
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat. #: Bosco024
Release Date: June 19th (Vinyl), July 4th (Digital), 2013
Distribution: Beatport / Wpp – Syncrophone
A1. Alex Picone – Dry Scream (6‘22“)
A2. Nightdrivers – Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio‘s Conso lation Edit) (6‘03“)
B1. I.F.M. – Dirty Vibes (7‘11“)
B2. Life‘s Track – Dark Clouds (5‘48“)

Teona will lead the third and penultimate Stallions gallop along with home Bosconi Records.

Starting from Dry Scream by Alex Picone, a forest full of warm sounds and rough that only analogue instruments and a tape recording can give. Follows, always on side A, Quanto tempo ci rimane a track of the mysterious matrix Nightdrivers edited in terms of house by label boss Fabio Corcos. The vinyl rotates, thoroughbred gallop in the B side, where they find themselves in a syncopated bassline with Dirty Vibes of I.F.Ms, aka Marcello Napoletano and Fran Mela, and a broken rhythm and essential characterized by a hypnotic groove that aims at creating an atmosphere featuring in Dark Clouds, produced by young people from home Bosconi, Herva and Marco D’aquino aka Life’S Track.



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