Various ‘Collection 100’

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KR100WEBArtist: Various
Title: Collection 100
Label: Kombination Reeasrc
Cat. #: KR100
Format: Digital
Release Date: 21 JANUARY 2016
01 The Advent – P.Tek
02 The Advent – Distance
03 The Advent – Inn Search
04 The Advent – Monatomic
05 Murat – Missing
06 The Advent – Bad Boy
07 The Advent – Elektra Fix
08 The Advent – Bass High
09 Joey Beltram – Fractals
10 The Advent – Mononix
11 The Advent – B Blast (Unreleased)
12 The Advent – Untitled Lost
13 Davide Squillace – Bike On The Rocks
14 The Advent – Visualize
15 The Advent – Two Rock
16 The Advent – Inn Range
17 The Advent – Mind, Body & Soul (Recorded Live @ MOTOR Detroit)
18 The Advent – Tip Off (Unreleased)
19 The Advent – Backlash (Unreleased)
20 The Advent – Live Segment (Recorded Live @ MOTOR Detroit)
21 The Advent – Bad Boy 2
22 The Advent – Constant

Ever since the mid 90s Cisco Ferreira’s name has been synonymous with ‘The Advent’. Now some twenty years later comes the 100th release on his own Kombination Research imprint. ‘Collection 100′ delivers 22 tracks of tough techno, frazzled electro and deep underground electronics, mined mostly from the label’s inception and therefore never previously available digitally. Featuring classics such as ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Inn Search’, ‘Monatomic’ and ‘Elektra Fix’ KR100 also highlights releases from Joey Beltram, David Squillace, Murat and three unreleased gems from Cisco himself.
Mostly, The Advent is known for his interpretation of what we call techno. Ever since young Portuguese Cisco discovered Acid House in the London clubs he frequented, his journey has been about making his mark on the electronic music scene. Fresh out of college, Cisco’s hunger for sound landed him a job as assistant sound-engineer in several recording studios. There he learned about the art of translating feelings to frequencies, while at the same time recording various high profile artists from the world of Rock, Pop, Dance, and Reggae. When acid label ‘Jack Trax’ moved in next-door, Cisco started recording for the likes of Adonis, Fingers Inc, Marshall Jefferson, and Derrick May. These rendezvous sparked the inspiration for his first EPs on R&S and Fragile.
In 1994 Ferreira signed a record deal for 12 EPs and 3 albums together with Colin McBean. This was the beginning of an era during which the duo set a worldwide standard for high quality underground Electro and Techno. They hit the world with a refreshing sound, both as The Advent, and ‘G Flame (Cisco) and Mr G’, the alias Colin is still using. Nowadays The Advent is a solo project, bombarding crowds around the world with its trademark raw, energetic sound. A sound that grants him yearly slots at festivals such as Nature One, Awakenings and Bonusz, as well as regular shows in clubs as Berghain and Tresor in Berlin, Lehmann in Stuttgart, and Madrid’s Fabrik.
With other numerous labels also touched by Cisco’s trademark sound (Drumcode, Synewave, Rotation, DJ Gigolos, Kanzleramt, Elektrix and Pure Plastic to name a few), we now rightly celebrate the centenary of his own Kombination Research imprint. From rolling bass driven floor burners to the deeper edges of techno and modern electro ‘Collection 100’ is a timely reminder of Cisco Ferreira’s influence on electronic dance music.


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