Various ‘Collection E’

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Title: Collection E
Label: Saved Records
Cat. #: SAVEDALB013
Release Date: 4th September 2015
1. Julien Sandre – Beside Me
2. Noir – Bodyback
3. Okain – Disco Bass
4. Sean Miller – It’s Just A Groove
5. Sergio Fernandez – Kuery
6. Chicco Secci – Sooper Seven
7. Daniel Dubb & m.O.N.R.O.E. – Colors
8. Leon Benesty – Calle Narvaez
9. Carl Bee – ‘Sup
10. Romano Alfieri & Alli Borem – Wax Trax
11. James Organ – Resume Cycle
12. Javi Row – Fifty Seven

Saved Records return to their various artists’ samplers with Collection E. This twelve track stack of original music features the likes of Noir, Okain, Chicco Secci, James Organ and Javi Row in what is the series’ most distinctive and underground collection yet.

Its diverse but energetic soundscape across the twelve tracks provides a succinct snapshot of the label’s ethos in 2015. Combining a consummate blend of young, emerging talent and already established names, Collection E engages with markedly different tempos, tones and textures from track to track. From the dark, driving attitude of Julien Sandre’s “Beside Me” to the crunchy, rhythmic energy of “It’s Just A Groove” by Sean Miller, the deep, rolling party vibes of Sergio Fernandez’s “Kuery,” the dubby, drum machine-heavy stylings of Daniel Dubb & m.O.N.R.O.E.’s “Colors”, the old school house flavours of “Wax Trax” by Romano Alfieri & Alli Borem and the jazz influenced techno of Javi Row’s wonderfully idiosyncratic “Fifty Seven,” Collection E boasts a deliciously varied and quality-filled palette.

A true marker of an imprint bang in form and also completely in tune with its open-minded, dancefloor-focused ideology, Collection E bears all the confidence and attitude that enables Saved Records to continue to stand out.


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