Various ‘Consider This A Warning’

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EVENT0010_FRONT_COVERArtist: Various
Title: Consider This A Warning
Tracks by: Aiken, Ben Gibson, Echoplex, Hironori Takahashi, Imugem Orihasam, Mike Storm, Staffan Linzatti, Zadig
Formats: 2×12″, CD, Digital
Label: Chronicle Records
Cat. #: EVENT010
Release Date: 30-10-2015

Bolstered by the unshakable body of work behind it, Brooklyn-born Berlin-based techno label Chronicle reaches its milestone tenth release with its gaze fixed dead ahead. Ten releases in, it pays to make a strong, defiant statement of intent, toasting to what the label has been about so far. More important though is to remind those tuned in to take heed, because the next step is always the most significant.

From the artists crafting the music at its beating heart to the all-important design that packages the records, Chronicle is a label that pulls no punches in its creative vision. Given that the vision in question matches unbridled futurism with elegance and intensity, Consider This A Warning is a fitting title for a salvo of sounds that set the tone for where Chronicle will head in its coming chapters.

Chronicle is a label that has always thrived on the evocative power of eerie, tension riddled techno, and this compilation builds on those foundations and reaches out to a swathe of tempos and intensities without ever losing that haunting spark that has shaped out the label to date. Joining in on this behemoth project is; Aiken, Arnaud Le Texier, Ben Gibson, Hironori Takahashi, Imugem Orihasam, Echoplex, Mike Storm, Staffan Linzatti, & Zadig.

The forward-thinking nature of the music in this collection sums up the ethos of Chronicle as a whole. Each artist has a distinct identity but they all strive to push techno into unexplored realms, placing the emphasis on atmosphere and psychological impact. In such an approach can the most affecting sounds be found, and there will surely be few listeners left unmarked by this record. You have been warned.

A1. Arnaud Le Texier – Nebulous
A2. Ben Gibson – Aida
B1. Staffan Linzatti – Silence
B2. Hironori Takahashi – Bazeru
C1. Echoplex – 2ndndary Forcefield
C2. Aiken – Flux 6:08
D1. Zadig – In The Abyss Of Time
D2. Unknown Artist – For All Man Kind

1. Arnaud Le Texier – Nebulous
2. Ben Gibson – Aida
3. Staffan Llinzatti – Silence
4. Hironori Takahashi – Bazeru
5. Imugem Orihasam – Tame Pogn **
6. Mike Storm – Human Spaceflight **
7. Staffan Linzatti – From This World **
8. Echoplex – 2ndndary Forcefield
9. Ben Gibson – Red Lapses **
10. Arnaud Le Texier – Program **
11. Staffan Linzatti – Emissions
12. Zadig – In The Abyss Of Time

** bonus tracks CD and digital only


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