Various ‘Divining The Future’

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Artist: Various8571_divining-future
Title: Divining The Future
Format: 12″ & Digital
Cat. #: DMR010
Label: Danza Macabra
Release Date: 18 September 2012
1. Echonomist – Higher (Original Mix)
2. Matthias Vogt – It’s Alright (Original Mix)
3. Rills – The System (Original Mix)
4. Marvin Zeyss – The Bassline (Original Mix)

Whether you choose to believe that 2012 marks the beginning of complete destruction of the world and everything in it, or that we will finally enter the fifth dimension, in which new astronomical alignments and numerological formulae present themselves, one thing is for certain: a different world is on the horizon. This is the central idea of this compilation from Danza Macabre Records: Divining the Future via four of the most forward-thinking artists out there.

Prolific Grecian production don, Echonomist opens the EP with an uplifting and irresistible example of exactly why he has place himself among the top producers to come out of Greece in recent years. ‘Higher’ is awash with layered and looping vocals as synth stabs bounce around an irresistible groove, all fitted perfectly around expertly timed breakdowns.

Between working on a hugely anticipated new [re:jazz] album, as well as a his M.V.I.P project with producer Ian Pooley, and dabbling in his much-loved jazz music, Matthias Vogt is a truly committed and passionate musician. The extent of his deep understanding of music can be heard throughout ‘It’s Alright,’ as his intelligent composition perfectly weights reassuring vocals, subtle keys and a slow rising tempo in skillful style.

Coming straight out of Italy’s very own ‘Motor City’, Turin, the We Play the Music Love resident DJ, RILLS, pulls the trigger on the third track here as tight percussion and cymbal crashes unite with a deeply hypnotic bassline, topped off with synth-lines which phase and bend exponentially over each other.

On compilation closer, ‘The Bassline,’ Nuremberg resident Marvin Zeyss combines handclaps, soft stabs and a heavy low-end bassline, allowing the track to slow unfurls into a disorientating blend of all its composite elements. He describes his own musical style as a combination of ‘uncommonly deep and techy’ sounds. No wonder.


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