GPMDA060_Artwork_FINALArtists: Various
Title: DJ T. Presents The House That Jack Built – Part II
Label: Get Physical
Cat. #: GPMDA060
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 26th 2012

1. Chuck Roberts – My House
2. Adamski – Killer feat. Seal
3. Da Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove (DJ T.’s Edit)
4. Lidell Townsell feat. Kool Rock Steady – I’ll Make You Dance (DJ T. Edit)
5. DJ Linus – Who Stole The Soul? (Unexpected Mix) (DJ T. Edit)
6. Eli Escobar – Work It (DJ T. Edit)
7. DJ Le Roi – I Feel Like Home
8. Mike Dunn – Dance You Mutha (DJ T. Edit)
9. DJ T. – A Guy Called Jack (DJ T.’s Stripped Down Re-Work)
10. Raze – Jack The Groove (DJ T. Edit)
11. Tapesh – Reminisce
12. Ralph Falcon – Every Now And Then (Kenny Dope Dub) (DJ T. Edit)
13. Thugfucker – Disco Gnome (Tomboy Remix) (DJ T. Re-Work)
14. JT Donaldson – Take U Back (DJ T. Edit)
15. Herbert Ten – 908
16. Solid Groove – This Is Sick (DJ T. Edit)
17. DJ Fast Eddie & Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason – Can U Dance (Original Remastered)
18. Induceve – OoooYesssSir (DJ T. Edit)
19. Jesper Dahlbäck – What Time Is It, Mr. Templar?
20. Delon & Dalcan – M.Stacey (DJ T. Edit)
21. Audio Soul Project – Reality Check (Mix 1)
22. Cassio Ware, Chip E & The OG’s – I Wanna See You Freak (Like Dis) (DJ T. Edit)
23. DJ T. – Dis (KiNK 909 Tool)
24. Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – The Acid (Fries & Bridges vs. Chris Carrier Remix)
25. Land Shark – Tie Me Up (Chicken Lips Trax Dub Pt. 2) (DJ T. Edit)
26. Swag – I Need A Freak (DJ T. Edit)
27. Marcus Intalex – Red 7 (John Tejada Remix)
28. Thunderheist – Nothing 2 Step 2 (Idiotproof Remix) (DJ T. Edit)
29. Jesse Rose & Trevor Lovey Present Izit – Heavy What? (Our Version)
30. $tinkworx – Calamari (DJ T.  Edit)

In the digital age, the compilation has lost much of its former glory. Not too long ago it was an indispensable format for the music-lover. Brilliantly compiled and telling a special story, the compilation was a significant gain as a particularly successful artist album.
In recent times, the compilation has been cheapened with generic ’Ibiza’ and ’Miami’ labelling as the genre compilation all but disappeared from the scene.

This brought DJ T. to the idea, to create a homage to this nearly extinct format. Late 2011 he brought ‘UNITED UNDER THE BALL – 30 YEARS OF DISCO’ to Get Physical. ‘Disco’ as the theme for the first volume of the series not only fulfilled a long cherished desire of DJ T., but was also a highly visible counterpoint to the ubiquitous, mostly House and Techno-stocked season- and theme compilations.

The success exceeded all expectations, and proved that a purely digital compilation still finds many friends, satisfying even the most absolute genre fans with some ‘hidden gems’ to be discovered while ingeniously opening the door to a tasteful new musical direction.

Months of work have been invested in the follow up, with ‘Jacking House’ as it’s central theme, titled ‘THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT’. The second volume of the compilation series is to be released in two parts, each containing 30 tracks. Like it’s predecessor, DJ T. spins a thread from the time of origin of the genre in a mid 80’s-Chicago to contemporary definitions of that particular groove-feeling in the here and now.

After the success of Part 1, DJ T. is ready to release Part 2 at the end of October, which contains even more spectacular classics, hidden gems & special versions. All in all, one gets 23 exclusive tracks out of the 30, incl. 18 personal edits and reworks. Just to name some highlights: Chuck Roberts’ ‘My House’ is in here, probably the most well known “preacher man/spoken word house-manifest” of all times. The story of this mysterious acapella goes, that it first came out on Catch The Beat under the name ‘Rhythm Control’ with the pure vocals of Chuck Roberts, a name that was never heard again after that stroke of genius. One year later Trax Records was mashing up these vocals with the original only instrumental version of Mr. Fingers’ “Can You Feel It”, and from that moment this instrumental and the acapella, that actually where never meant to belong together, became one of the greatest classics in house history. The maxi-version of Adamski’s ‘Killer’ finds a home here too, making this the first and only place to get this worldwide mainstream-hit of the jacking house era and breakthrough of vocalist Seal in 320kbps or Wav format. ‘House Nation‘, the first production from Curtis Alan Jones, (aka Green Velvet/Dajae) as a part of the production duo Da Rebels, is also one of THE Jacking House anthems of the 80s and has not been available for at least 15 years.


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