Various ‘Embark 05’

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Trapez Dig 05Artists: Various
Title: Embark 05
LabelL: Trapez
Format: Compilation & Mix
Cat. #: Trapez Dig 05
Release Date: 29. April 2015
1. Embark 05 mixed by Riley Reinhold
2. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Ultra Spine
3. Fractious – Jawbone
4. TEKART – Knob (Dema & Paride Saraceni Remix)
5. Paride Saraceni & Stiv Hey – Syntharum
6. Fractious – Sabre Rattle (Mars Bill Remix)
7. Alex Under – El Reloj
8. JAK – Cyclo Drive (Raíz Remix)
9. Van Bonn – Polygraph
10. Fractious – Bull Dog (Petter B „Dub“ Mix)
11. Van Bonn – Valid
12. Alex Under – Whisper XL
13. Van Bonn – Access (dubspeeka Remix)
14. Paride Saraceni & Stiv Hey – Downtown
15. Vincent Hole – Minimum (Mike Maass Remix)
16. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Pulse Train

The Embark 05 includes our favorites on Trapez from the last 12 months in one mix by Riley Reinhold and it features all as single tracks together for the first time in one release.
Witness the incredible production of Paride Saraceni & Stiv Hey, the understatement of Van Bonn, the strong sequences of Alex Under, the funkiness of Fractious, the technologic finesse of Nicolas Bougaïeff, TEKART’s rawness, the authentic feeling of JAK and the mighty sound of Vincent Hole.
The mix this time is very much a tour de force this time. Enjoy.


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