Artist: Various
Extracts From Blue Compilation
Tracks by:  Piemont, Tim Xavier, Hermanez, …
LabelBlueCube Records
Ca. #BCR009
Release Date: 5th June, 2013
01 Hermanez – Code 13
02 Tim Xavier – City line
03 Piemont – Foot massage
04 Project AKC – Dishwasher
05 Onix – Experience
06 Nuria Ghia – Golden frequency
07 B-Quartz – Tresmall swallows
08 The Deals – No more limiters
09 Razzo – Down

As the seasons change so do the sounds, artists, Djs, labels and listeners. Through this movement of time there is growth, failure, and successes depending on what these specific players in the world of electronic music can provide. There is a rare occasion that only happens a few times a year in which an imprint has a chance to flourish and evolve.

Extracts from Blue is one of these moments, a collective journey of various works by heavy hitters in the scene today, proudly brought to you by BlueClube Records. Concluding an astonishing year of tech house and club ready tracks, the Spanish imprint really strives to deliver something special in time for the Sonar Festival this June. Coinciding with their party at City Hall this year for Sonar, also entitled Extracts From Blue, the Spanish label puts all of its best talent in the line up from familiar names like Edgar De Ramon, The Deals, and B-Quartz. Calling on upper tier talent Macromism, Dema and Tim Xavier, the party promises to be a collective celebration of BlueCube’s signature vibes.

Lifting off on the release side of Extracts is the nine-track compilation also including familiar names to the label but also some fresher talent that has already seen scores of success in the past. This blend of young and seasoned producers makes for one dynamic release sure to be heard at Sonar and beyond.

Beginning the release, one of the most successful Techno names to date, Belgium’s Hermanez, is warmly welcomed on the release with Code 13. A bubbling and soaring techno track that combines familiar elements of heavy and dramatic builds and drops only Hermanez can provide. The first name to appear on the compilation and to be playing during Sonar, another heavy hitter, Tim Xavier, provides City Line. A more swaying and low hitting track than the opening tune, it’s nothing short of sophisticated club music sure to be played on large club systems into the Ibiza season.

The third track is for the rising German duo Piemont bust through the gate with a drummy and bouncy tech smasher. Foot Massage combines the duo’s talented abilities to combine cut samples, swift swing and overall

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floor filling tech house. A majorly supported producer in club land today, Project AKC is filling the DJ bags of Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer among many others, with no intentions of letting up. His Dishwasher track is another ode to his big room flair delivering a peak time bomb for the masses. Onix delivers a drum heavy and menacing vibe with Experience. A sound big enough to knock down club walls; his track is meant for big clubs with big crowds, and even bigger speakers.

Next two tracks are from familiar names on BlueCube Records. Their hard work and dedication to growing their own imprint into what it is today proves their passion and unrelenting energy to move their efforts in music forward. B-Quartz, (Nuria Ghia + Jose Lucker) with Tresmall Swallows relaxes the mood as a more intricate groove calls attention to automatic percs and acid basslines. Nuria Ghia’s Golden Frequency proves again that her efforts as a rising artist are contributing to a more mature and astonishing sound. Relying heavily on her signature drum arrangements, perfect for a day on the beach or a night on the dance floor.

The Deals return to the label and are also scheduled to play during Sonar. Their contribution No More Limiters is a roaring arrange of mind numbing techno, truly an afterhours gem. And closing the pack, a fresh name and promising young talent, Razzo will also be seen this year at the Sonar showcase. Even though he is still arriving to the scene at a young age, his track Down reflects a more seasoned ear. A seductive flow of club music, his intelligent use of effects and samples do not go unnoticed. Going down a more tribal path.

With so many talents and labels rising or dropping off the circuit, BlueCube’s ability to stay relevant and true to its sound is proved again but in a massive way. As Extracts From Blue becomes the golden ticket to the imprint’s longevity providing a fresh compilation as well as a Sonar featured event, it is safe to say the bar is being raised. We are certain to hear more of the label’s familiar commitment to big tech house productions, nurturing talent, new and old, while burning its mark even deeper into the top tiers of the electronic music world.


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