ADIG30Artists: Various
Title: For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume 4
Mixed by: Blakkat
Label: Adjunct
Format: Digital
Cat. #: ADIG30
Release Date: July 7th, 2014
Distribution: Kompakt
01. Signal Deluxe feat. Romy Kerr – White Eagle Rider 02. Noah Pred – Supercluster
03. Reverse Commuter & Dilo – Look At Me
04. Sebastian Russell – Ensemble
05. Fase & Dilo – Don’t Tell Me
06. La Gaviota & Yorgos Adamis – Cierra Los Ojos Y Vea Al Cielo
07. DoubtingThomas – Karl Kruger
08. Dapayk Solo – Nutcase
09. Mossa – Bacon For Me
10. Sebastian Bouchet – Phoenix
11. Mikael Stavöstrand – Green Fields
12. Souki feat. Murphy – Saddled
13. Pancho Piedra – Ojos Del Pescado
14. Tom Ellis – Don’t Stop

Yes people, Volume 4 of the „For Every Moment Of Triumph“ compilation series is here and its bigger and brighter then ever!

This time around we have quite an astounding line up of 14 new exclusive ecstatic dance gems that will be melting brains and dance floors worldwide for quite some time! A wide variety of music from the likes of Dapayk Solo, Reverse Commuter & Dilo, Mikael Stavostrand, Sebastian Bouchet, Mossa, Tom Ellis, Noah Pred, Pancho Piedra, Sebastian Russell, Signal Deluxe, Souki, La Gaviota, DoubtingThomas, and Fase & Dilo.

Each artist stays true to their own sound while contributing to the over all one-ness of the trip, a trip where your sensory perceptions become especially radiant and fierce. The colors are very intense, the textures are rich, the contours are sharp, and the music more emotionally profound than one might expect.

For this volume we also have the legendary dj & producer Blakkat, AKA Mark Bell, arranging the track selection and mixing us down this wild and euphoric journey into modern dance music. We do hope you enjoy!



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