amamextra029_1500Artists: Various  
Title: Hand Out – Chapter 3 
Label: AMAM 
Cat. #: amamextra029 
Format:  wav / mp3 
Release Date: 30 June 2014 
X01. Dakpa – Trip Bongo 
X02. Dakpa – And I Get High ft. Aniela Dadas 
X03. Mikael Stavöstrand – Still Water ft. Cari Golden 
X04. Mikael Stavöstrand – Space 
X05. Nadia Popoff – Lighter Smoke 
X06. Nadia Popoff – No Borders 

The AMAM series Hand Out is gaining steam and taking on a life of its own. Following two recent album-length compilations, this is the third chapter in an EP format, featuring two new tracks by three different producers from around the world, curated by AMAM founder Alessio Mereu. 

First, Dakpa follows last year’s solid First Division EP for AMAM with new sonic explorations. “Trip Bongo” isn’t afraid to integrate tribal sounds and a hypnotic sensibility into a tech-house framework. “And I Get High” has a crunchy texture and full-bodied flavor that harks back to classic old-school house, aided by the sultry voice of Aniela Dadas. 

Next, L.A.-based veteran producer Mikael Stavöstrand shows he hasn’t given up on minimal techno, trying out new tricks on “Still Water”, like a cameo from vocalist and songwriter Cari Golden and even a little free-jazz flute solo. Meanwhile, “Space” has a twisty, rubbery bassline beneath atonal Varèseian debris hovering in midair. 

Finally, Argentian DJ/producer Nadia Popoff returns after last fall’s Black Jack EP. “Lighter Smoke” is a snappy cut that veers into dub techno and acid territory. Then, “No Borders” creates a whirlwind of filtered melodies amidst jacking rhythms, causing a warm tingle inside your ears, closing out this Chapter with an optimistic vibe.


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