Artist: Various
Title: Hand Out – Extended Chapter
Label: AMAM
Cat. #: amamextra022
Format:  wav / mp3
Release Date: 16 December 2013
X1. Autumn Tree – Blackout
X2. Renato Figoli – Noon Part 1
X3. Niro – She Takes a Plane With Your Plan
X4. 000 – Naysayer
X5. Alessio Mereu – SDT
X6. Dakpa – PreDitrion
X7. Qbeck – Mantrap
X8. Tobia Coffa – Double W
X9. Leman & Dieckmann – I Don’t Waste My Time
X10. Alessio Mereu – Mama

Earlier in 2013, AMAM introduced the Hand Out series, so far with two compilation EPs, and now for year’s end we outdo ourselves with an abundance of new, exclusive tracks in the form of the Extended Chapter. Spanning a variety of finely crafted tech/house sounds, from delicate to deadly, this collection features AMAM veterans (including Tobia Coffa and label founder Alessio Mereu), newcomers (Qbeck, Dakpa) and even a few brand new faces to the team, such as Autumn Tree, who kicks things off with the synthetic strut of “Blackout”. Then Renato Figoli offers the optimistic, shining “Noon Part 1”, his first new production since his album Funkoholic was released in March. After the comparatively darker and murky tracks by Niro and 000, Alessio Mereu offers the centerpiece “SDT”, which probably stands for Super Dope Track because that’s what it is! The archetypical AMAM, classy yet playful. On the compilation’s second half, we are treated to minimalist moments of percussive perkiness, coming courtesy of producers Dakpa and Qbeck, followed by the ever-dependable Tobia Coffa, who brings the bpm down a few notches, offering a strong dose of menacing melody, with percussive swagger and a hint of acid. Then Gartenhaus label duo Leman & Dieckmann bring the serious, somber “I Don’t Waste My Time”, and finally, Alessio Mereu signs off with “Mama” where a bouquet of rhythms and pads intertwine, offering a smooth finish.


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