amamextra028_1500Artists: Various  
Title: Hand Out – The Sun Has Woken Up 
Label: AMAM 
Cat. #: amamextra028 
Release Date: 16 June 2014 
X01. Ezequiel Esley – Spheres 
X02. Ezequiel Esley – Twilight Zone 
X03. Andrew McDonnell – Whats Up 
X04. Andrew McDonnell – No Way 
X05. Andrew McDonnell – Its Me 
X06. Leman & Dieckmann – Workers Ground 
X07. Leman & Dieckmann – Numb 
X08. Sakro, Max Jacobson – Grandeur Of 
X09. Sakro, Max Jacobson – Going Down 
X10. Fabio Caria – Jumping on a Prickly Pear 
X11. Fabio Caria – Wonder Life 

Just in time for summer, AMAM is pleased to announce the fourth entry in its Hand Out compilation series, titled The Sun Has Woken Up, continuing to deliver exclusive material from established AMAM crew members as well as newcomers, showing the label’s diversity in sound as well as showcase how the roster is reaching a more international level. 

First up, Argentine DJ/producer Ezequiel Esley sets the tone with two tracks, the spacious and sinister “Spheres” and the deep, plinky “Twilight Zone”. Toronto rep Andrew McDonnell makes his first AMAM appearance, three varying tracks of smoggy, hypnotic tech-house, titling them to reflect his no-nonsense approach: “Whats Up”, “No Way” and “Its Me”. 

On the second half, Dutch duo Leman & Dieckmann contribute the synthetic and majestic “Workers Ground” and “Numb” for some more jacking moments. Sakro, one of Mexico’s up-and-coming production talents, teams up with Chicago’s Max Jacobson for “Grandeur Of” and “Going Down”, two of the more maniacally percussive tracks on the compilation. Finally, Munich-based Fabio Carra offers the seductively serpentine “Jumping on a Prickly Pear” and the introspective “Wonder Life”, signing off in grace.


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