Various ‘Kern Vol.1’

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Artist: Various9350_kern-vol-1
Mixed by: DJ Deep

Title: Kern Vol.1
Label: Tresor Records
Format: CD // 2 x 12″s
Cat. #: KERN001CD
Release Date: 12 November 2012
Kern Vol.1 – The Mix
1. A.E.S aka Forest / Fowlkes / Santonio – Music In My Head
2. Santonio – Amnesia
3. Visions feat. Juan Atkins – Is This Real? (Submission UG)
4. Rootstrax – Harlequin (Kerri Chandler Edit)
5. Maan – Jackin’
6. Kerri Chandler – Cobal
7. Phlash – Vaporizer
8. The Bayara Citizens aka Joe Claussell – Kweyo Electric Dub
9. Xperiment – Karn Evil #10
10. Zadig – Maniac Mansion
11. Will Azada – Easy Does It
12. Armando – 151
13. The Traveller – A100
14. DJ Gregory – Head Talking
15. Ø Phase – Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process)
16. Jonas Kopp – Reforce
17. Bleak – Noon Shape
18. DJ Hell – Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix)
19. Truncate – Diffraction (Jonas Kopp Remix)
20. Skudge – Haste
21. Marcelus – Y02
22. Deepside – III

Kern Vol.1 – The Exclusives
A. Kerri Chandler – Cobal (Version 1)
B1. Marcelus – Y02
B2. Maan – Jackin’
DX. Kerri Chandler – Cobal (Version 2)

Kern Vol.1 – The Rarities
A1. Deepside – III
A2. Santonio – Amnesia
B1. Xperiment – Karn Evil #10
B2. A.E.S aka Forest / Fowlkes / Santonio – Music In My Head

Tresor are pleased to announce KERN: a showcase of old meets new, house meets techno, in the form of an exciting mix series aimed at delivering fresh narratives in electronic dance music.

KERN will provide an insight into the tastes and personal histories of some of the scene’s leading lights, allowing artists free reign to weave their own story through a mixture of rarities and brand new material. KERN transcends the usual parameters of an artist’s mix to present a unique and timeless listening experience, which breaks down into a DJ-friendly and highly collectable trio of releases.

Kicking off the series is Parisian protagonist Cyril Etienne aka DJ Deep. Selected for his career-defining dedication to Detroit techno, NYC and Chicago house – “the roots” of house and techno – as DJ, producer and head of the Deeply Rooted House empire, DJ Deep heads back to his own origins to present KERN Vol.1

“As I was struggling to find an order through all the great material on the Tresor catalogue or what my label currently does, I came up with this idea of a DJ’s diary – like the picture of a guy writing down in his notebook which new and classic tracks would be relevant today. I kept this concept in mind when making my selection, which really helped me to simply follow my feelings and the flow of the music.”

The mix begins with a track recovered from the Tresor archives: A.E.S’s “Music In My Head” produced by Arthur Forest, Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes and Santonio. The latter, who also brings a never-released title from ’93 forth, “Amnesia”. Along with Xperiment’s “Karn Evil #10” and mix-closer “III”, an early record from St. Germain as Deepside, these all make up The Rarities EP – one of two 12″ records escorting KERN Vol.1 mixed by DJ Deep.

The other 12″ is a collection of tracks picked by DJ Deep exclusively for the compilation. Originally designed to appear on his “Computer Games” album in 2008, Kerri Chandler signs the a-side with “Cobal” – propped on the b-side by new French signee Marcelus, “Y02”, and Psyk wielding his Maan alias on “Jackin”.

DJ Deep even goes to greater lengths and digs up more exclusive works for the mix – Bleak’s thudding “Noon Shape” as well as another entry from Kerri Chandler, this time an unreleased edit Rootstrax’s Harlequin. Both titles are set to come out on Deeply Rooted House this fall, along with a reissue of “Head Talking” a genre-hopping tour-de-force by DJ Gregory.

Meanwhile, the rest of the mix transitions from old garage to classic Chicago acid house via the likes of Visions (aka Juan Atkins) and Armando – “151” being a notable DJ Deep favourite – before techno luminaries Shed and Jeff Mills take up posts in the latter half alongside efforts from contemporary tastemakers Jonas Kopp, Ben Klock and Skudge to drive KERN Vol.1 home.

“When I do these mix CDs, I try to bridge the old spirit of what I used to like so much in house and techno, with what I think is somehow still alive in the new generation of producers, making these, as we say in French, “clin d’oeil” moments. Musically it works so you don’t have to know what’s going on but if you actually look into the track list you will find, for example, a young French guy mixed into one of France’s techno originators.”


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