Various ‘Minmax’

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Artist: Various
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May 27th 2013

“Bridging the gap between the old & the NEW, the minimal & the MAXIMAL, minMAX represents a widening of scope as we explore the area between the sounds of classic MINUS & PLUS 8.

As others subdivide and categorize we bring things back together, opening things up more freely and allow a closer connection to the music that I love and the sounds and textures that many of my DJ sets journey through.” Richie Hawtin.


Tracklist CD1 (minMAX compiled):

1. Mathew Jonson “Metropolis” 2. Heartthrob “Y2k2u” 3. Tripmastaz “Tyree” 4. Etapp Kyle “Yuma” 5. 4Yo4U “Daily Faces”

6. Gaiser “Trashbend” 7. Jonni Darkko “Close” 8. Justin James “Song So True” 9. Joran Van Pol “Faded” 10. Mitsuo Nakazato “Drive” 11. Julian Jeweil “Yoko” 12. Barem “Limbus”

Tracklist CD2 (minMAX mixed by Hobo):

1. Pots Of Gold “Rainbows” 2. Joran Van Pol “Faded” 3. Dandi & Ugo “Alternative Way” 4. 4Yo4U “Daily Faces” 5. Julian Jeweil “Yoko” 6. Gaiser “Trashbend” 7. Mitsuo Nakazato “Drive” 8. Tripmastaz “Tyree” 9. Hobo “Incise” 10. Jonni Darkko “Close”

11. Matador “51 Mexicans” 12. Etapp Kyle “Yuma” 13. Barem “Limbus” 14. Nsound “Loe” 15. Theorem “Formulate”

Tracklist Vinyl:

A1. Mathew Jonson “Metropolis” A2. Valentino Kanzyani “Bobby On Drums” B1. Jonni Darkko “Close” B2. Hobo “Incise”

C1. Gaiser “Trashbend” C2. Julian Jeweil “Yoko” D1. Joran Van Pol “Faded” D2. Tripmastaz “Tyree” E1. 4Yo4U “Daily Faces” E2. Justin James “Song So True” F1. Nsound “Loe” F2. Pots Of Gold “Rainbows”

Tracklist Digital:

1. 4Yo4U “Daily Faces” 2. Barem “Limbus” 3. Dandi & Ugo “Alternative Way” 4. Etapp Kyle “Yuma” 5. Gaiser “Trashbend”

6. Heartthrob “Y2k2u” 7. Hobo “Incise” 8. Jonni Darkko “Close” 9. Joran Van Pol “Faded” 10. Julien Jeweil “Yoko” 11. Justin James “Song So True” 12. Kazuya Nagaya “The Sea Spills Over Into The Sky” 13. Matador “51 Mexicans” 14. Pots Of Gold “Rainbows” 15. Mathew Jonson “Metropolis” 16. Maxime Laffon “Fusion” 17. Mitsuo Nakazato “Drive” 18. MRDIE “Sex Beat” 19. Nsound “Loe” 20. Theorem “Formulate” 21. Tripmastaz “Tyree” 22. Valentino Kanzyani “Bobby On Drums”

Digital bonus: Joran Van Pol “Faded (Intro Version)” – Joran Van Pol “Faded (Sound Tool)” – minMAX mix by Hobo


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