zzzcd0061_Music_For_Balearic_Gabba_DreamsArtist: Various
Title: Music For Balearic Gabba Dreams
Mixed by: Balearic Gabba Sound System
Label: Music For Dreams
Format: CD, Download, Stream
Release Date: 21-4-14

For Marco Gallerani, the Danish labelMusic For Dreams has always been an inspiration. Over the years the imprint has proved itself to be a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colours, and for that reason there is much kinship between it and Hell Yeah, the label Marco is running and A&Red since the middle of the last decade. So there are similarities between the genreless approach of Music For Dreams and that of Marco’s production collective, The Balearic Gabba Sound System, which means that this compilation seems to be like a natural coming together for all concerned.

The Balearic Gabba Sound System is a non-sense dream team founded by Marco Gallerani and made up of Enzo EliaEverest ParisiE-the-Hot,Bjorn TorskeGallo and some other geezers with a shared love of sonically weird, bona fide feel-good recordings and a very surreal twist. The best way to explain this collective’s approach is to cite their daytime hero, Jon Sa Trinxa.

“My DJ style is Balearic, which is like trying to define the indefinable…“ he once said. Confused? Well, thankfully, the iconic selector continued. “Many DJs are defined by playing a particular genre, but Balearic music is a kaleidoscope of genres. Balearic DJs play all styles.”

As such The Balearic Gabba Sound System represents the second generation of these so-called Balearic DJs; people who grew up on 90’s raves and survived the digital revolution. Enzo Elia (Hell Yeah house specialist and key member of “El Freakadell”) is one of those enthusiast DJs. His famed and much loved Balearic Gabba Editsdig deeply into the crackling, early90’s Italian house scene and re-edits them for modern purposes, always with a sympathetic touch.

There are not too many “spaghetti” episodes along the way, but obscurehands-in-the-air-Riviera moments, tribal retro-winners, wannabe Idjut Boys b-sides and party-sampling manias a go-go do often feature: It’s clear that the collective is about introducing you to a fresh musical sound you’ve been looking hard for, but weren’t even sure existed. Until now.

As such, a glance down the tracklist will reveal many treats, from Andrew Weatherall’s remix of legendsDaniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca to Prins Thomas’ Disko Mix of *Rusty’s classic ‘Everything’s Gonna Change’ via originals from Tempelhof and Peter Katafalk. This is music for music lovers, for sonic freaks and Balearic bad boys. It is music not confined by time, space or genre, but music that makes you feel something you really didn’t know you could feel.

The iconic line drawing artwork comes from a close friend of Hell Yeah, namely Italian artist Federico Lanaro, a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna. His work has been exhibited all across Europe at places likeFabbrica del Vapore (Milano), Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona), Galerija BlackBox (Sarajevo) amongst others. As you can see on the cover of this compilation, his work is characterized by a pictorial turn, distinguished by flat surfaces that are imbued with chromatic and formal clarity and befit the fact he works for the galleryStudio Raffaelli in Trento, Italy.

Pulling this compilation together has been as fun as we hope it is to listen to, so without delay we invite you to tune in, kick back and cop out; to dream your wildest dreams and let the sounds consume your being, because this is the indefinable sound of The Balearic Gabba Soundsystem…


# 01 – Balearic Gabba Sound System – Music For Balearic Gabba Dreams – Continuous mix Part # 1
# 02 – Balearic Gabba Sound System – Music For Balearic Gabba Dreams – Continuous mix Part # 2
# 03 – Tempelhof – City Airport
# 04 – Mr Marvin – Entity (Fitzcarraldo…Extasy Of Love)
# 05 – Now Now Now – Problem (Enzo Elia Afro Neukolln Edit)
# 06 – Rusty – Everything’s Gonna Change (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
# 07 – Sueno Latino – Luxuria
# 08 – Psycho Team – Hypno (Enzo Elia That Morning Edit)
# 09 – Luminodisco – Ragazzini
# 10 – Peter Katafalk – Pacific 202
# 11 – The Kenneth Bager Experience – Follow The Beat (Enzo Elia Afro Neukolln Edit)
# 12 – Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
# 13 – 3iO – Eple
# 14 – E-The-Hot & Fede B – Reason And Logic
# 15 – Marco Dassi – Amigdala (Mushrooms Project Remix)
# 16 – Somerville & Wilson – Melt
# 17 – Velferd – The Aspens Turning Gold (Original Mix)
# 18 – Luminodisco – Diavolo Di Un Disco (Original Version)
# 19 – Dreamatic – I Can Feel It (Enzo Elia GFR Edit)
# 20 – Crimea X – Essential (The Time & Space Machine Remix)
# 21- Enzo Elia – Traffic Light (My Wife Meme Version)
# 22 – Margot – 4 Aggressive Young Boys (Tempelhof Remix)


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