Various ‘Off Week 2016’

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lr052Artist: Various
Title: Off Week 2016
Label: Loose records
Cat. #: LR052
Release Date: 17-6-2016

Loose Records’ new compilation “Off Week 2016” brings together some of the finest talent on the decks today for a collection celebrating Barcelona’s Off Week. With seven new tracks from artists like Aaron Bessemer, fresh off finding a new home at Loose Records on the A&R team, to Raffaele Rizzi, a relative newcomer who has been releasing bangers since 2011. Audiomatiques also shares a superb new release on this collection, rocking past capacity into new terrain that plays well with the rest of the artists presented on this record, making this a surefire classic and inspiration for generations of electronic music artists to come.

Aaron Bessemer, “Carbon” – The beat comes on simple and strong, pounding out those infectious head-nodding high hates with authority. Lower beats wobble out soon after the intro to add to the dance-floor beat down, giving listeners a healthy variety between rubberized bouncing and sharpened drum machines that mark the track as a welcome masterclass in European rhythms.

Antonio Pepe, “Bengala Ass” – The song opens like the cavernous mouth of some giant monster, right before the song turns right around into a playful, bass-driven quickness. It doesn’t take long at all for things to get even more deliciously strange, a fast-paced conversation between drums and disembodied voices that dance floors are sure to love.

Audiomatiques, “The Last One” – A “Daft Punk” flavoring swings through an all-out assault of classic high hats from the intro, climbing higher and higher into some wonderfully imaginative sci fi-inspired effects. Rolling pulses of light-hearted notes trade off with swishing winds, all guided by a masterful balance of sonic indulgence and form.

Gianni Pellecchia, “Danica” – A gentle female vocalist sneaks in and out over the high-spirited beat on this track, intermeshed with a gravelly-voiced command to “switch that shit up.” The artist definitely does that, throwing in everything from spaceship engines to island-sounding drum lines, getting nice and weird but never losing the sweetest of rhythms.

Lerio Corrado, “Stardust” – Tons of fun is to be had out of the gate as the party slams through the floor with a crushing bass, throwing the action to new highs with blasts of energy from all sides. No weapon is spared in this arsenal, unloading on listeners with the kind of charm and full-bore that will make them sad to hear the story end.

Paco Marcelo, “Laguna bianca” – Aggressive elastic sounds give this track a dynamism that you can’t help but ride along with as more and more beautiful escapism is added to the mix. Synthesizers dance in raucous escalations, refusing to let through the outro, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who signs up for this adventure.

Raffaele Rizzi, “New Horizons” – The artist keeps things interesting with strange sounds of what sounds like objects being kicked against plastic, before embracing the creativity even tighter with some bizarre vocals that are guaranteed to bring smiles. The music is spiked with 80s glee and plenty of soul, making for a fitting closing to an eclectic collection.


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