Artist: VariousOHWL-Ten-EP-1_cover
Title: Other Heights White Label 010
Format:. Vinyl only
Label: Other Heights
Cat. #: OHWL#Ten
Release Date: 17 October 2012
Distribution: Clone Distribution
A1. Gaust – Vacant Depth (Intro)
A2. Pehr Genlogue – Decadent City
B1. Kretipleti – Freadsinit
B2. Unbalance – Wandering Soul
A1. Tom Dicicco – Planet Router
A2. Markus Suckut – 2QMT59
B1. Brooks Mosher – Lost Signal
B2. Metrobox – Monetics
A1. J. Tijn – Three 0 Freedom
A2. VVV – Burrowing
B1. Ozka – KMZ
B2. Myztical – Summer ´91
B3. Brim – LDN

After two years since the first vinyl release in 2010, Other Heights is proud to announce the tenth vinyl release, released as 3 seperate EPs. This compilation has become an eclectic journey into electronic sound, which showcases a variety of young and promising artists, combined with some established names in the techno and house-landscape.


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